Paint colours that’ll help sell your home

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to add new life, appeal, and value to your home. With all those benefits, it’s also a great renovation option to prep your home to sell. With the right paint colours, buyers will definitely take notice.

Ottawa Quality Painting in Ottawa is a professional home renovations and painting company. They share what colours will help make your home more appealing to buyers:

Kitchen: warm grey

You want to add the right appeal to the kitchen without too much customizing. Of course, buyers still want to be able to imagine themselves in the space, but a little colour helps. For a kitchen, a warm grey is a great choice. Even a little touch of grey here and there, like on the cabinets or the kitchen island, adds visual interest and colour. It’s also simple enough that future potential homeowners can repaint the room later if they choose.

Living room: simple white

The living room is a trickier room to paint as it’s a personal family space in many homes. Adding colour to the living room is a matter of personal choice, current décor and how the rest of your home looks. The best approach to the living room is to stick with a simple white and off-white palette. It keeps the room looking fresh and well-kept and adds a sense of newness. The open slate also makes it easier for buyers to envision themselves in the space and think about what colour schemes they may want in the future.

Bedrooms: taupe

While painting the bedrooms white is typical when preparing to sell, it’s not the only choice. Avoiding adding colours is still a good idea because you don’t want too much of a personal feel to the space. A simple colour like a light taupe is the perfect way to add a little something interesting to the room. The colour helps open up the room, adding a sense of spaciousness and airiness that is highly appealing. In addition, as a warmer shade, it creates more of a welcoming feel for buyers who enter the room.

Bathrooms: pastel blue

Pastel blues are great colours in most rooms, especially in the bathroom. Instead of going for white, adding a light blue will help make the room feel more spacious, relaxing, and welcoming. For a master bathroom, it’s a great way to add that appealing spa-like feel that buyers will love. A nice light blue can also easily be incorporated into any bathroom design. 

Painters in Ottawa

Ottawa Quality Painting brings 11 years of painting experience when you hire them. They offer interior and exterior services to transform your home inside and out. Whether you need a paint touch-up or want to paint the entire house, their team can help.

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