Painting Increases Resale Value

If you want to give your home an upgraded look, painting your home’s interior is the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your home. With smart colour selection and professional painting services from a reputable painting company, that new coat of paint can give your home a fresh look and even increase resale value.

Whether you want an upgrade for yourself, need to repair a bad painting job or you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, consider hiring Doctor Repainting in Calgary for the best results on your residential paint job. Here are some tips that can help you increase your home’s resale value.

Choose neutral colours for the interior.

Painting your interior walls big, bold colours like bright pink or turquoise might suit your personal taste, but it’s not the way to go if you’re ever planning on selling your home. Choosing soft, light and neutral tones will give you more bang for your buck. Beige’s and grey’s give potential buyers a clean canvas where they can start to visualize their furniture and décor in your home. Plus, if they don’t like the colours you chose, they might pass on your house in order to avoid having to re-paint when they move in. Learn more about paint colours for home resale.

Paint to cover bad paint jobs, blemishes and scratches on the walls.

After your walls are properly prepared with all small holes and dents repaired, a fresh coat of paint can help cover up those blemishes and make your home feel like new again! Doctor Repainting can also help you if your home has had a terrible looking paint job. New paint will cover dents, scratches and stains on your walls and ceiling, and will also help protect your walls from moisture and other impacts. When you hire a pro you can trust that your walls will be properly cleaned and prepared before any paint goes on. This ensures the best results and that the paint job will last for years to come.

Boost your curb appeal.

Is your home’s exterior looking a little tired and worn out? A fresh coat of paint on your wood siding or stucco, doors and trim can give your home a major face lift and greatly improve curb appeal. You’ll enjoy your home’s new and improved look every time you pull into the driveway and, if you ever decide to sell, that beautiful curb appeal will help attract more buyers and make your home more marketable.

Painters in Calgary

Doctor Repainting is an experienced and reputable painting company serving Calgary and areas. They offer interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you need to paint your entire home and business, the garage, fence, ceiling or exterior, trust the pros at Doctor Repainting.

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