Painting to Upgrade Your Home

What if you could completely upgrade the look and feel of your home in less than a week? Or sometimes in just a day or two? Painting your home’s interior is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your home a complete makeover.

If you want to modernize your home with a paint job or are wanting to paint a new custom home, consult with the professionals. When you hire a professional, rather than attempting a stressful DIY project, you’ll get seamless results and it will take far less time.

Elite Trade Painting in Edmonton shares more about the process:

Get an estimate.

Before a can of paint is cracked open, you’ll get a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines exactly what the painters will do and the total cost of the job. Expect to get an up-front, accurate price and know that when the painting begins, the painters will work from your proposal and estimate to ensure your painting project is completed on time and on budget. In many cases, the painter will have to visit your home to give you an accurate quote.

Prepare for the project.

After your review the estimate and decide to go ahead with the paint job, Elite Trade Painting might send you a checklist that tells you everything that you need to do to get the space ready for painting. That might be things like removing items you’ll need from the room, removing decor or ensuring other contractors are finished with what they’re doing in the space. They will also call you to go over the details and answer any questions you might have. Sometimes a painter will do a walk-through of your space to assess the project, prepare the space for painting and go over any additional details with you.

It’s time to paint!

Enlisting the help of a professional painter will mean you’ll have efficient and highly experienced painters on the job. They’ll paint your home like they would paint their own property, ensuring you’re completely satisfied after the final service. They are able to complete projects far faster than you could DIY on evenings and weekends. When it comes to interior painting, many hands make light work. After the job, they will follow up to make sure the work, colours, and products meet your expectations.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

If you want to redo your kitchen cabinets, consider cabinet refinishing over an entire replacement. Cabinet refinishing is when you keep your old cabinet boxes, doors and drawer fronts, but paint them for a new and improved look. You can choose between painting your cabinets a new solid colour, or if it is possible, re-staining them so the wood grain is still visible. Cabinet painting will cost a mere fraction of the price compared to a replacement. Ask Elite Trade Painting if your kitchen is a good candidate for a kitchen cabinet paint job! Learn more about how to refinish kitchen cabinets. 

Painters in Edmonton

Elite Trade Painting provides a top-quality interior and exterior painting experience. Their thorough process and attention to detail from preparation through to completion make them one of the top choices among painting contractors. They work for many residential, and commercial property owners in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Contact them today to start your paint job!


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