Painting Your Windows, Entry Doors & Garage Doors

Your front entry door and windows play a major role in your home’s look and curb appeal. Having like-new entry doors and windows will make a great first impression to visitors, increase your own personal enjoyment of your home and will even boost your home’s resale value.

Have you noticed that your aluminum or vinyl window frames and doors are scratched, have paint peeling or are looking worn out? Windows, entry doors and garage doors are not usually painted using the brush and roller method. It is too difficult to get a streak-free finish. The alternative to restoring your windows and doors is replacing them. Not only is that expensive, it’s also unnecessary!

Painting your windows and doors.

There are some painting companies that offer a painting method that can completely restore your tired windows, entry doors and garage doors at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Their method will not leave brush and roller marks on your doors and window frames. They have a specially formulated coating that will give your windows and doors a factory painted finish that is resistant to scuffs and scratches. Since it is sprayed on, it will evenly coat the surface leaving zero streaks and making your windows and doors look like new again.

The pigments used can be solar-reflective, scratch-resistance and stand up to high traffic. The coating is formulated with built-in UV-GUARD Technology that will deflect harsh UV rays to maintain your new rich and vibrant colour. This also allows you to have your aluminum and vinyl windows painted without the risk of excessive heat build up and warping.

The latest trends in windows and door colours.

You can paint your windows and doors in a variety of different colours and stay on trend without having to worry about premature fading and discolouration. The latest trend for windows and doors, including garage doors, is using dark colours. Black and other dark colours will give your home a classically chic look that will stay in style longer than lighter colours.

There are many benefits to choosing black or another dark colour for your windows and doors:

Dark colours stay in style longer, which means you won’t have to spend money repainting them down the line because you don’t like the colour or it looks dated.

You don’t have to worry about warping. Typically, windows come in light colours because their light reflective value and deflect UV rays, heat and prevent warping. Ask the painting contractor to use paint that specifically formulated for aluminum and vinyl windows so that it reflects solar rays.

It’s low maintenance because unlike light colours, black and dark colours will not show dirt on your windows and doors. Plus, it’s a smart way to hide any nicks and scratches.

Just like a good cocktail dress, black looks good with anything! It is a practical choice because it will look stylish with whatever siding or colours you have on your home’s exterior.

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