Pay attention to the mechanical room when renovating

Home renovations can improve the way your home looks, but that shouldn’t be the only focus. When embarking on any major remodel, it’s key to remember the mechanical systems that allow your home to function. These include HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

O’Brien Contracting offers home renovations and eco-friendly custom homes in Abbotsford and Fraser Valley. They share why you need to pay attention to the mechanical room when renovating.

Heating and cooling

If you want a furnace or air conditioning retrofit, it’s easier and more cost-effective to do it during a significant home renovation. If the interior is opened up, contractors can install ducting and other HVAC components between floors and walls more easily. Renovations provide an excellent opportunity to install an energy-efficient air conditioner and furnace. You can modernize your home’s heating and cooling system components.

O’Brien Contracting can provide advice on HVAC upgrades that can improve efficiency and lower your monthly energy costs. In addition, they’ll ensure your heating and cooling retrofits are adequately sized. This gives the best performance and efficiency from your upgraded system.


If you’re spending money on a whole-home renovation or building a new home, you must ensure your electrical service has enough capacity. Older electrical panels can’t handle the heavier electrical loads we now have in modern homes. Upgrading the service during a renovation or construction project is easier, especially with parts of the home open.

If you want to make some green home upgrades, like solar panels or an electrical vehicle (EV) charging station, you’ll likely need to upgrade the panel and electrical service. Doing this during a major renovation or construction project can significantly cut costs compared to doing it after the fact. Ask O’Brien Contracting is an experienced renovation and luxury homes contractor in Chilliwack. They can show you can renovate your home to be ready for these green upgrades, either now or in the future.


Your home will also have some important plumbing components in the mechanical room that might need attention during a home renovation. For example, renovations are an excellent time to inspect and even replace your inefficient hot water heater. It’s also a good opportunity to check, repair, or install a new sump pump. Experienced contractors can also inspect your plumbing and make suggestions for maintenance and upgrades to prevent issues down the road.

For more information on custom homes Fraser Valley, and mechanical room upgrades, contact O’Brien Contracting.


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