Perfect kid-friendly bathroom renovation ideas

Are you renovating a bathroom and need it to be kid-friendly? Remember, kids won’t stay kids forever, so how do you plan the perfect reno for them? When it comes to a bathroom renovation with kids in mind, remember to keep it fun, yet practical!

Factory Edge Construction in Vancouver is a professional and dedicated renovation company. They share some ideas for kid-friendly bathroom renovations:

Open shelving vanity

You can still incorporate style into these bathroom renos, while still making them perfect for kids. An open shelved vanity, for example, gives your kids easy-to-access towel storage. Instead of trying to hang towel rails at the right heights, open shelving is great for everyone. Plus, from a design perspective, open shelving is a popular bathroom trend. It gives the bathrooms a sense of more space and elegance, but with plenty of creative freedom. Even as your kids grow up, an open shelved vanity will never go out of practical style.

Custom vanity step-out

With how fast kids grow, it’s hard to get the right height for vanities and sinks. In no time at all, your kids will have grown, and the vanity will suddenly be too short. Plus, you won’t want to be continuously installing new vanities to keep up with those growth spurts. Instead, invest in custom vanities that have a built-in, pull-out step. The pull-out step acts as a stepping stool, so your kids can reach the vanity without a problem. Then, once they don’t need a helping step, you can convert the slide out into a handy drawer instead.

Add bold pops of colour

Avoid painting the entire bathroom a bold, for-the-kids colour. Hot pink might be in now, but in a few years, those colour preferences will change. One thing that is guaranteed, though, is your kids will always need a bathroom. So, stick a simple canvas that can change as they grow. You can still have kid-appealing colours, but stick with pops of colours here and there. Colourful towels, accessories, rugs and even fun-coloured faucets are all perfect for vibrant shades. Take a look at some more ways of adding colourful pops to your bathroom. It’ll still be a fun-themed space, but as kids grow, you can change the look and customize anew.

Slip-resistant flooring

Safeguarding your kids’ bathrooms against potential dangers is important in a perfect kid-friendly renovation. Where water is involved, there is always the risk of slipping. Installing slip-resistant floors will keep your kids safe and keep bath-time fun! Vinyl flooring is a perfect slip-resistant option and very customizable in appearance. Tiles are also an alternative if you prefer the look, plus you can choose ones with special slip-resistant options.

Lots of storage space

Don’t underestimate how quickly a kid’s bathroom can turn into chaotic clutter, especially without proper storage. To avoid this, and to benefit your home down the road, invest in custom storage. Bathroom storage is always useful to have, particularly when it’s customized. For kids’ bathrooms, choose deep drawers with soft-close hinges. Aside from being practical, they’ll also prevent squished fingers and slamming. Add special storage to your shower area as well, such as built-in niches for shampoo or toys.

Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver 

At Factory Edge Construction, they strive to build relationships with their customers through trust and reliability. From start to finish, they believe only in providing the highest quality in everything they do. When you work with them, they promise absolute peace of mind and assurance in their skills. From interior or exterior renovations to custom woodworking, Factory Edge Construction can do it all.

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