Pet Proof Flooring Trends

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These past two years have seen a pet boom throughout COVID as hybrid work schedules allowed time to train new puppies and quarantine had us yearning to adopt new cuddly companions. If this rings true for you, you might be in need of a pet-proof floor to welcome your new furry friend into your home.

Active households with children and pets appreciate the functions of a floor that can handle life’s toughest mishaps. Thanks to new technology, spills, scratches, and dents don’t stand a chance against this year’s flooring products that can take on all kinds of unexpected accidents, from spilled beverages to puppy accidents.

Pet-proof Hard Surfaces

Good news —hardwood floors aren’t completely out of the question! While hardwood flooring of the past may have been easy to scratch, hard to maintain, and unprotected against moisture, the latest advancements in floor engineering have led to engineered hardwood products that are so durable they’re backed by 50 year warranties! Now, you can get the popular authentic white oak look installed throughout your home with waterproof flooring. With enduring features and waterproof construction, this floor will surely stand up to the test of kids and pets.

If you want the look of authentic hardwood without the cost, try a laminate flooring line. We have pet-approved collections and that are equipped with super durable construction which is dense and sound absorbent —great for quieting the pitter-patter of paws on your floors.

Pet-proof Carpet

Looking for something softer in the bedroom or your family room? We have pet-proof carpet products too! There are a variety of carpet flooring where you get a plush textured cut pile that’s trackless, so you’re less likely to see footprints (or paw prints) showing up on your floors. This Berber flecked carpet will instantly elevate the appeal of any room you choose to install it in with its warm hues and soft fibers.

For more pet-proof carpet options, look for features like advanced fibers that repel water and stains, keeping them on top of the surface so it’s easy to clean. Backed by a 20-year warranty for pet-urine stains, plus protected against fade, soil, and wear, this carpet was designed with an active household in mind.

Pet-proof Inspired Design

Installing waterproof floors in the kitchen and entryway is a smart idea, not only to prevent water damage from culinary messes and wet shoes but because this is most likely where your pet’s food and water station is located. Other tricks to prevent messes around your pet’s food area include setting a small pet mat underneath the bowls or creating a customized food and water station.

When it comes to your pet’s comfort, area rugs are key! It’s no secret that dogs love a good bed to curl up on and cats enjoy napping in the warmest spots, so why not elevate your home design with comfortable throws and rugs? Area rugs are especially great for rooms where you might have cold tile or slippery luxury vinyl installed, as it gives your pet a soft place to land. Typically, flatweave rugs made of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester make for the most pet-friendly rugs since they are durable and easy to clean.

These are just a few elements to help make your home pet-proof for your furry family members.  To learn more about all the pet-proof flooring options contact or visit Monarch (1953) Carpet One Floor & Home, where trained experts will help you find the perfect floor for your space and pets!

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