Plan ahead with these three landscaping projects

It’s tough to think about landscaping when everything is buried under snow, but spring is just around the corner. If you want to upgrade your landscaping this year, now is the time to start planning.

Terra Nova Landscaping in St. Albert specializes in beautifying residential yards and commercial properties. They share three things you should start thinking about now for your outdoor space:

Installing a patio

With warmer weather on its way, now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor living space. If you want to install a patio, get in touch with Terra Nova Landscaping to begin the design process. Patio installations can take time, and landscapers often book up quickly in the spring. So booking your job now will ensure you get the patio you want early in the season so that you can enjoy it for the entire summer.

Make your life easier with irrigation

Installing an irrigation system will save you time and help your lawn and garden thrive. With a system with automatic timing, you won’t have to worry about watering your lawn and gardens with the hose or moving and turning sprinklers on and off. Installing an irrigation system can be a substantial project, so booking the installation service now will ensure it gets done in time for the growing season. If you require maintenance on a current system, Terra Nova Landscaping can help with that too. Read about the benefits of an irrigation system.

Spring is the time for planting

Even though it might not feel like it at times, spring is on its way. This means you should start thinking about planting trees, bushes or shrubs in your outdoor space. First, make an appointment with Terra Nova to plan out your new trees, shrubs, and plants. They’ll provide guidance on what plants grow well together, trees that will thrive in your yard, and other helpful information. For example, space for roots or planting according to shade and sun exposure are essential to consider. Then, with your planting plan in place, you can order the trees and plants you need for the spring. You’ll beat the rush and will have the service booked and ready for when the ground thaws!

Landscapers in St. Albert

Over twenty years of experience has given Terra Nova Landscaping the knowledge and skills to improve your outdoor space. They provide a quick, professional, and reliable service, ensuring a beautiful yard and your satisfaction. If you want to upgrade your outdoor spaces this spring, connect with Terra Nova today and get a head start!

Transform your space with Terra Nova Landscaping.

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