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It is incredible what technology can do in your home these days. Home automation systems allow you to turn lights, appliances and entertainment systems on and off by the touch of a button, command on a smart phone or even on an automated timer. Technology allows you to monitor your home and security system while on vacation or create the ultimate home theatre centre with surround sound and options to re-route the same entertainment into multiple rooms!

You may not be concerned about these things now, but if you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, pre-wiring your house to accommodate these technologies is a smart choice.  Having the interior cabling installed during construction will save you a lot of money and hassle should you decide to install or utilize these technologies at a later time.  It will also increase the re-sale value of your home.

What is Pre-Wiring

Pre-wiringPre-wiring is the installation of ‘structured wiring’ inside your home’s floors and walls that will support a wide range of technologies including: digital televisions, in-home computer networks, home entertainment centres, home security and monitoring systems.

Most home builders will include pre-wiring in their homes for the basic technologies like television cables or telephone outlets. With home tech on the rise, and new fascinating technologies appearing all the time, builders and home automation companies are now starting to take requests for more specific and comprehensive pre-wiring that can support the ever-changing communication and automation needs of individual home owners.

According to the Canadian Home Builders Association, the telecommunications industry is moving towards a standardized home wiring system that will include ‘minimum’ and ‘recommended’ wiring options. These standard options now include a central hub for telecommunication services enter the home as well as a network of conduits for high-performance cables and wires that will distribute services throughout the home.

Preparing for Pre-wiring

Electricians in Edmonton offer pre-wiring and networking services to help homeowners plan for the future. Their consultants will discuss all of the options and offer expert advice before you make the final decision about what technologies your home could have now and at a later date.

They will also make sure your system is flexible. Technology is always changing and new technologies will come onto the market, plus your own needs and desires will change over the years. Having a system that is flexible enough to easily adapt to these changes is important.

Here are some things to consider:

Do you want to build one or more home entertainment centres? Let them know and they’ll make sure shorter, more direct signals will run into the rooms you might like to have systems like a home theatre. They’ll also help you plan for multiple speakers, outlets, cables, internet connections and re-routing options.

Would you like to have built in audio systems in multiple rooms in your house? Now is the time to install keypads in the wall and speaker wires throughout the house.

Are you thinking about installing a home security/monitoring system? Discuss items like installing wiring for outdoor cameras, motion sensors and alarm.

Ask about evolving technologies regarding thermostats and smart climate controls. Energy policies change and you could potentially save on energy costs, perhaps even enough to cover the initial cost of pre-wiring for it!

Having a plan in mind will help the job go easier and faster.  With a clear plan the installer will be able to pay extra attention to the details you’ve discussed and decided upon, ensuring you won’t have to run wire for new systems you might want to install in the future.

pre-wiring 2   pre-wiring 3

DIY vs. Hiring the Pros

You might be able to pre-wire your home yourself, but a professional can anticipate many more ‘what-ifs’ than you can. Companies that specialize in Home Automation in Edmonton will know things like where to best install connection junctions to ensure all your systems are working properly, how to isolate signal wires from electrical interference and how to code and map out all the different cables so you know what they were meant for years down the road when you decide to integrate a new system.

Pre-wiring can be a complicated job and hiring a professional will save you a lot of headache, and more than likely, a lot of unnecessary expense in the long run.

For more information on pre-wiring your home and to learn more about the exciting technologies that are available in home automation and security, contact a trusted company on




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