Why you should plan your landscape design early

If you are thinking about a significant landscaping project this spring, preparing ahead can make sure that shovels are in the ground as soon as possible so – you can enjoy your summer.

Here are ways that Earthworm Landscape Design Co. in Edmonton can help with your preparations:

Invest in professional landscape design

The landscape design process is exciting! First, you will receive a comprehensive intake questionnaire by email. Then the designer will meet you at your home for a quick tour, and they will measure and take pictures. A zoom call will follow, with the designer sketching ideas as you collaborate on creative options. The designer completes the plan – usually by the next day – and you are ready for action!

When you team up with professional landscape designers, you will get the most out of your project. We can create a good flow in your overall landscape, increase privacy, and maximize usable space – all essential to getting beautiful results. Having a landscaping plan in place gives clear instructions to installers, whether that is a professional or yourself, so the project flows smoothly.

Decide what needs changing

The first step in the landscaping process is to analyze what you want saved or added. But don’t feel stuck, because we are here to help! Go online and start browsing our portfolio – bookmark things you like and start making a list of your must-haves for your outdoor spaces. Imagine adding features like pathways, retaining walls, patios, fire pits, gardens and decks. You can set budgets for the coming years. Earthworm Landscape Design Co. is now booking design services for spring 2022 and if you do research now, it can give you a head start. You can schedule dates with contractors to give you quotes immediately following your appointment – now you are rolling!

Choose the best materials

Your designer can also help you decide on materials and suppliers. It can be overwhelming but with a guide at your side, you will be on solid ground. Create a beautiful symphony of colour throughout the seasons with just the right plants. Choose pavers and planters that enhance the architecture of your home. In addition, ordering your hardscape materials early and storing them until your installation date may help you to avoid any supply chain issues, and placing a bulk plant order for large projects may save you money at the local nursery. You are going to be in a great position come spring.

Planning is enjoyable when you start early!

Most people start thinking about improving their outdoor living space when things warm up, but designers and landscape installers do get busy – which might mean delays and having your yard under construction on the best days of summer.

Landscape Designing in Edmonton and area

Earthworm Landscape Design offers professional landscape design plans. You may know what you want, and maybe you don’t! We can help you to get started. Download our free idea planner and see if a custom design will help bring your visions to life.

Book with Earthworm Landscape Design today.

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