Planning a basic renovation: paint, walls, and flooring

New flooring, paint, and drywall are all common types of renovations or individual home improvement projects. When your home needs all three done, though, where do you begin? Bakir Contracting Corp in Edmonton is a professional contracting services company. They share some tips when it comes to the best order to tackle all three general renovations:

Replace floors before painting 

With floors and painting, there are two guidelines to follow. The first one is to always replace your floors before painting to help protect them. Often you’ll need new baseboards and trim when you replace your floors, so you want the paint job to come after that.

The second guideline, though, is to tackle any prep work first and foremost. Removing old wallpaper, sanding the walls or floors, anything that will make a mess should be handled first. That will also save your walls from being damaged during the floor installation. If the walls do get scuffed, it’s easier to patch them before you paint. One exception to this is if you are also painting the ceiling, in which case do that first. Ladders resting on the floor or dripped paint can both damage new floors.

Drywall before flooring 

Between drywalling and new floors, save the floors for last. Hanging and taping drywall is a quick job, but it’s also a messy one. Between sanding and applying joint compound, there’s a lot of mess that can spill onto the floors. With new home construction as well, hanging and taping drywall tends to create higher levels of humidity. If you are installing hardwood floors, this can lead to the wood swelling and possibly warping. Once the drywall has been hung, wait for the room to acclimatize before installing any new floors.

Leave it to the pros

Drywall, painting, and installing floors are all typically seen as easy to do DIY tasks. Depending on the type of work, that may be true, but still, nothing beats the skill of a professional. Installing new floors or painting multiple rooms takes time and care to do properly. Even if you aren’t renovating to sell, you want your home’s value to be at its best. Regular maintenance and updates will help, but professionals ensure that the value lasts. Companies such as Bakir Contracting can help tackle these types of general renovations. You won’t have to worry about damaging your new floors or scuffing a new paint job with their help.

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Bakir Contracting prides themselves on stress-free and quality service for every job. With clear communication and years of experience, they promise that your home is in the right hands. They offer a full range of services from painting, drywall, exterior handyman, flooring, and more. No matter what job you have, Bakir Contracting has the skills and experience to help give you peace of mind.

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