Planning a whole house renovation

A whole house remodel is a major undertaking. Major renovations are large, time-consuming and complex projects. If you don’t have vision, a clear design plan and the right team working for you, it can be a daunting and stressful process.

Sundance Construction & Safety Consulting in Winnipeg offers interior and exterior renovations for residential and commercial clients. some tips for a whole home renovation to help things go smoother:

Develop a clear idea for the renovation.

You might have a vision of what you want, or you might have no ideas and need help from a designer. Whatever the case, your home renovation needs to start with a clear vision. Decide what is important for you and your family to have in the renovation. Look at renovation magazines and websites to find inspiration, save images you like and ask your design team lots of questions. Check out these clever home remodeling ideas.

Decide what areas of the home you want to renovate.

A major renovation can be a kitchen renovation, main floor renovation, basement development, bathroom renovation or any combination of those spaces and others. You might want to gut and redo the whole house, but is it in the budget? A renovation company can help you decide what areas of the home can be renovated now and which can wait.

Consider the future.

Think about what your life will be like in the future and renovate to accommodate that life too. Will you have children? What happens with your small children become teenagers? Do you need space to accommodate guests? Do you want to renovate your home to age-in-place, ensuring it’s accessible and accommodating to you as you age? Thinking ahead in this way will make sure you’re getting the most years out of your renovation.

Talk to your contractor about utilities and structural requirements.

Before you get too crazy with planning, talk to your contractor about things like utilities, structural requirements, and permits. Things like electricity, gas and water systems might put a constraint on your plan. Likewise, some structural changes and additions might not be possible if they’re not compliant to local building code. A reputable renovation company will be able to provide sound advice in these areas.

Decide on a home style.

Working with a professional design team has many benefits. They can help you envision your dream home and choose a style and design that best suits your taste. It will also ensure that each room flows well into the next. Choose finishing products and materials that match your style and start having fun designing your new home.

General Contractors in Winnipeg

Sundance Construction in Winnipeg has a strong residential building background, committed to serving Manitoba. They are comfortable looking at cottage renovations, older home renovations, and major home additions. If you’re embarking on a major renovation, connect with them to start planning.

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