Planning bathroom renovations? Hire a plumber first

Bathroom renovations are exciting and value-boosting projects, but also ones that have more involved work. Beyond picking the right layout and design, plumbing can add a complicated aspect. DIY without experience invites unnecessary risks that a professional plumber can safely help to prevent.

Calgary Comfort by Design Ltd. in Calgary is a full-service plumbing, heating, and gas fitting company. They share why you should always hire a plumber for your bathroom renovations:

Help guide your plumbing needs

Planned renovations are the key to success, especially when it comes to bathrooms and plumbing. Are you planning on moving the shower or making it bigger? Do any water lines have to be moved to install a second sink? Even new features such as in-floor heating must be considered ahead of time. A plumber can help with both the work and the design planning phase. They’ll also know about any building code regulations or handle getting required permits if any plumbing is being altered.

Inspect your pipes

If you haven’t had your pipes recently inspected, or have never done so, it’s an important step to take. Your pipes should be inspected every two or three years to make sure they are still in good condition. Renovations are a great time to do just that, especially if you are planning to move or upgrade any sinks and showers. They’ll have easy access to inspect your pipes. Before the work gets too far underway, any problems will be caught right away. You’ll save money by not having to reopen any walls later on or risk a burst pipe with high costs for water damage and repairs.

Save time and stress

Without plumbing and renovation experience, a bathroom renovation can become a time-consuming project. Bathrooms also aren’t an ideal room to do without for weeks or even months while the renovations go on. Instead of the stress of DIYing, work with a plumber for a less time-consuming and stressful experience. It’ll also guarantee that the work is handled properly the first time without any mistakes or unexpected future repairs. If you’re preparing to sell, then a professionally renovated bathroom will go a long way towards impressing potential buyers. The renovations will also be completed quickly and on-time, so you don’t have to delay when listing your house.

Spend less overall

Instead of spending money on unnecessary upgrades, talk to your plumber to see what really needs to be changed. An inspection from a plumber will quickly let you know what should be upgraded to add value or what is outdated and affecting overall efficiency. For example, new efficient additions, such as low-flow showerheads or dual flush toilets, can save more money in the long run. According to Remodeling Magazine cost vs value, a bathroom remodel can recoup 64% of the cost. Paired with efficient upgrades, that can offer even more savings. Plumbers also have all the necessary tools and the right connections to get the best prices on any necessary materials.

Plumbers in Calgary

Quality full-service plumbing, heating, and gas fitting and absolute customer satisfaction are what Calgary Comfort by Design proudly provides. They are ready and waiting to help with any plumbing needs you have from renovations, repairs, maintenance, and more.

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