Planning custom cabinets for style and function

Custom cabinets can be stylish, functional, and add undeniable value. However, to really maximize the value of the cabinets, plan ahead and work with a professional to ensure the cabinets are customized to your exact needs and wants.

Dynasty Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. in Surrey is a professional custom cabinet and millwork company. They share some style and function tips to consider in a custom cabinet:

Start with the style

Custom cabinets can be designed in any style you want, but there are a few standard options to consider. Modern cabinets lean towards a sleek, minimal design. Their colours are often contrasting shades like black, white, or sleek metal accents. It’s also modern to have different colours on the top and bottom cabinets. Rustic is the opposite option that focuses on natural aspects like a wood base, stains, or engravings on the cabinets. Cottage cabinets are softer and focus on rounded edges and gentle colours, much like its namesake. Within each of these different styles, you can easily customize the look further with handles, hinges, or accents.

Think about features

With cabinets, you have a range of options to customize to your specifications. For example, options could include pull-out shelves, glass-fronted doors, open shelving, or a mix of big, tall, or short cabinets. You can also consider add-ons like a built-in wine rack, spice rack, or a lazy Susan.

Also, consider the room the cabinets are for. A kitchen’s needs, for example, will likely be different from the style and needs of a laundry room or bathroom. As for colours, work with the other colours already in the space. Then, either pick a complementary shade for your cabinets or add a new colour if it works.

Work with a professional

Custom cabinets are more expensive than standard ones, but the cost is worthwhile. Still, you want to ensure your investment is sound with quality materials, smart designing, and quality craftsmanship. Working with a professional will ensure that. Dynasty Kitchen Cabinets are experts when it comes to designing and building custom cabinets and millwork. They can help you design the kitchen of your dreams while keeping your budget and timeline in mind. Investing in quality custom cabinets will ensure they will last and that you’ll love them for years to come.

Custom Cabinets in Surrey

For over 30 years, Dynasty Kitchen Cabinets have proven to be a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled custom cabinetry and millwork company. You can place your trust in their team to add value, style, and function to your home. After installation, they also offer cabinet service and are committed to your complete satisfaction. Find out why they have an extremely loyal base of customers and industry partners!

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