Plumbing troubles from the winter season

Winter weather and cold snaps can cause trouble if you aren’t ready or aware of the warning signs. Plumbing troubles can easily be avoided with proper maintenance and proactivity. Still, knowing when a professional is needed will save having to pay for preventable repairs.

180 Plumbing and Heating in Calgary is a professional and full-service plumbing company. They share some tips and signs of plumbing troubles that can happen during the colder months:

Frozen outdoor pipes

An important part of winterizing your home and pipes is ensuring that outdoor pipes are properly checked. Outdoor pipes can also include faucets, such as garden hoses. If the water is properly drained and the water line is turned off, the water inside risks freezing and bursting. To avoid that, turn off the water and use an insulating cover to cover the hose bib if needed.

Signs of frozen indoor pipes

Freezing pipes can also happen to the pipes inside the home, especially in uninsulated areas. Basements and attics are key areas to watch for any signs of pipe troubles. Limited water, strange gurgling sounds, smelly water or condensation on the pipes are all warning signs. These could all be signs that your pipes are frozen or starting to freeze over and need to be addressed quickly. A frozen pipe is often a burst pipe, and that causes all kinds of water damage. 

Clogged drains

The holidays can be a time of plenty of cooking and celebrations that put a strain on your pipes and drains. Kitchen sinks, especially, can become clogged and lead to blocks, backlogs and potential damage. This is especially problematic in the winter, as a burst pipe can result in costly repairs.

Fat, grease, cooking oil, bones and coffee grounds should never go into the sink or garbage disposal. These are quick ways to clog your pipes and create blocks. If you plan a lot of holiday cooking, get your drains cleaned first. That will flush out any old buildup and ensure your pipes are secure for the winter.

Water heater troubles

Water heaters also are put to heavy use when the weather drops or homes are filled with guests. If your water heater is struggling, it may be a failing water heater, an issue with parts or from the cold weather. Getting the water heater serviced before the winter is important to ensure it’s up to quality and performance for the winter. Insulating the water supply and outlet pipes will also help prevent freezing and retain the heat as the water travels through the pipes.

Plumbers in Calgary

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