Points To Ponder Before Buying Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets can either make or break a space. They are responsible for transforming your kitchen and giving the entire space a new look. This is why it is important to be careful and know what is best suited for your needs. Cabinets are the biggest companions of your kitchen space and thus you don’t want to consider anything less than the best custom cabinet builders in Atlanta.

Before going ahead, it is important to make sure what type of cabinets are you looking for. So, let’s have a look at the various different options that you can consider while choosing the perfect cabinet for your kitchen.


  • Exploring The Options:


  1. Stock cabinets


Stock cabinets are the most basic version of cabinets which are pre-assembled and ready for pickup. These are the least expensive options as they are not that great in terms of quality. They are also very reactive to moisture as they have melamine-faced chipboard.


  1. Semi-custom


These type of cabinets offer a wide range of designs and sizes. The designers will place the order with manufacturers within the various parameters. Thus this takes more time to get prepared as compared to stock cabinets.

  1. Custom cabinets


As the name suggests, custom cabinets are designed according to a home owner’s exact specifications. This means that you are supposed to choose the exact type, shape, material and size you want your cabinet to look like. You can explore various measurement options.


This means that you can design a specific cabinetry which will fit even an oddly shaped corner. Qualified cabinet builders can make sure that your custom cabinetry looks exactly the way you want it to look and fits seamlessly in your kitchen design.


  • Why Custom Cabinetry?


The answer to this is quite simple. If you are looking for quality and specific cabinetry to fit perfectly into your space then custom is the only way to go. Custom cabinetry ensures that the furniture is designed in such a way that it meets all of your needs. When compared to stock cabinetry, custom built cabinetry are of supreme quality. As stock cabinetry is built using melamine, they do not last that long and the result derived are not very satisfactory.


On the other hand, if you are going for custom wood cabinets, they will be extremely durable and will also look visually appealing. Solid wood cabinets are very durable and have a longer life. They can also be easily refinished if you decide to change the look after a few years. It gives a luxurious touch to the house despite being very affordable to retouch in upcoming years.


With customizable cabinetry, you can not only choose the material of the cabinetry but you can also customize the handles, drawer pulls and door hinges which can be customized as per the functionality you want. You can also add any additional accessories to make your cabinetry look furthermore attractive.


Add a bookshelf, or even a separate organizational drawer- all of this can help in providing additional functionality along with making you indoors look great. At the end of it all, it is always great to have things customized as per your liking. You can contact berkeleywoodworking.com and they can help you to bring your vision to life. They make sure that the process of customizing the space as you want is a smooth as possible.


When you work with them, you can be assured that the quality and style of your furniture will never be sacrificed. Their main priority is the longevity, style and quality of the products.


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