Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter


Winter is fast approaching, and you’re busy taking care of those last minute fall maintenance tasks around the home. You may have put away your patio furniture, shut off your exterior water lines and raked the leaves, but have you overlooked your garage door?

Ensuring your garage door is properly maintained before and during winter will help it continue to open and close properly year-round. It will also help you to avoid unnecessary repair costs in the future. Creative Door in Edmonton and Calgary shares some tips for garage door maintenance:

Lubricate metal moving parts of your garage door.

Use a silicon-based spray lubricant to lube up the moving metal parts of your garage door. This will include the gears, hinges, track, cables, springs and rollers. Make sure the parts are cleaned and that you don’t go overboard with applying too much lubricant. Remember a little goes a long way, and you just need enough to help the door glide easily. This will prevent issues with your door opening and closing in the winter. Make sure you use a spray that is able to withstand freezing temperatures. Note: your garage door is one of the largest moving parts on your home. Always follow proper safety procedures when performing any work on your garage door.

Learn how to maintain a garage door

Have your garage door serviced and repaired.

If you see that one of these parts are damaged, do not attempt to fix it yourself. The springs could be very tight and, without the proper tools or knowledge, they could cause serious injury. Contact a company for professional garage door repair in Calgary for assistance. A company like Creative Door has experienced and certified service technicians that have the know-how to service any door. They also offer these garage door service resources to help you trouble shoot any issue you might be having.

Check the weather stripping.

Inspect your garage door’s weather stripping for any tears, gaps, brittleness or areas that it might be peeling away from the door. If your weather stripping is dirty, wipe it down with a cloth and a mix of water and mild all-purpose cleaner. Cracked or damaged weather stripping should be replaced as it won’t protect your garage as well from the harsh outdoor elements of winter. It could also hinder the smooth operation of your garage door.

You can also apply a thin layer of silicon spray to the bottom weather stripping to prevent it from sticking to the ground and to prevent frost build up. Again, make sure you use a spray that is designed to withstand freezing temperatures.

Garage door replacement.

If you have an older or damage garage door, it may be more susceptible to damage during the winter. The last thing you want is to be caught with a broken garage door in the dead of winter. Prevent costly repairs by replacing your old or broken garage door before the snow flies! You’ll improve the energy efficiency and security of your home, and you will enjoy the convenience of a new door in the colder months.

Creative Door in Calgary and Edmonton is your one-stop-shop for selecting, installing and servicing your home’s new garage door. They offer exemplary service, unmatched selection and can help you choose a garage door that will best suit your home.

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