Preventing a Basement Flood

Heavy rain, backed up sewer, leaky foundation…these can all lead to a flooded basement.  Planning ahead and taking preventive measures can save you from extended damages in the case of a leaky or flooded basement


Here is the most common cause of basement leaks:

  • A simple clog in the weeping tile.
  • Improper grading around the outside of your house
  • A deteriorated parget placed outside the house can provide water the perfect channel to enter the basement.
  • The area where the wall and floor meet is a common area for leakage. Thus any crack in that portion aggravates leakage.
  • Hydrostatic pressure is also a common source. Water that is pumped in with a certain amount of pressure easily leaks into the basement because water pressure always finds a way through cracks.
  • Leaky seals in basement windows and window wells.

Ways to Prevent

Seal problem areas:  Do a walk around and make sure to seal all window frames in your basement. If there are cracks, or holes on the frame, consider replacing it. If replacement is not an option, patch all cracks in the basement with a sealant and check the floor for any other cracks that may be causing water seepage. If the foundation is severely cracked you have bigger problems and should call a contractor to help you out.

Keep your gutters clean:  Clogged gutters can prevent rainwater from draining away, flood your yard and will find a way to leak into the basement.

Invest in proofing solutions:  The best way to get rid of basement leakage is through sealing your foundation. This solution waterproofs your basement and is done by professionals. Water proofing your basement is a viable and affordable cost compared to the damage a basement flooding will cause.

There are many ways to solve a basement leak. You should get in touch with a professional who will be able to give the best suggestion depending on the cause of the basement leak.

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