Preventing & Repairing Freeze-Thaw Damage to Your Concrete

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The Freeze-Thaw Problem

The constant freezing and thawing that occurs in Alberta during the winter and spring can do a number on your concrete driveway and walkways. Water on the surface of your concrete, caused by melting snow and ice, can saturate the pores of the surface with water. When the temperature dips and that water turns back into ice it occupies 9% more volume than the water. This happening over and over will cause distress in the concrete and could eventually cause cracking, scaling and/or crumbling of your concrete surface.

This wear and tear can happen overtime, but poor concrete installation and finishing can accelerate the problem. Here are some tips for preventing and repairing damage to your concrete from the experts at GlossWorks Alberta in Calgary.

Concrete Sealing

Adding a protective coating or sealing your concrete is the best defence against the freeze-thaw problem. GlossWorks Alberta uses a polyaspartic sealer that is a slow curing, deep penetrating, two-component coating. It is designed for high chemical and abrasion resistance, high hardness, UV stability and slight flexibility. It is made up with a blend of solvents that will promote adhesion ot old acrylic that might still be on your concrete and has longer cure times to allow the concrete to breath after it is applied.

concrete-driveway-sealing  concrete-driveway-sealing2

Concrete sealing will protect your concrete from moisture and from the freeze-thaw cycle, preventing costly damage.  It will also protect all your outdoor surface including exposed aggregate, brick, patio blocks and stamped concrete. It is crystal clear, will not yellow under UV, is easy to clean and maintain and will boost your curb appeal. GlossWorks Alberta also provides a full-range of services for your concrete including basic cleaning to full repair.

Concrete Repair

If it’s too late and the damage has been done, you might need to consider concrete repair.  GlossWorks can repair your existing surface with a bonded structurally engineered concrete at a fraction of the cost of a driveway replacement. Not only will is save you money, it will also save you time and stress. They use a penetrating primer that creates a chemical bond with your existing concrete so it will never separate. The result will be a repaired, durable and beautiful driveway that will last for years to come.

concrete-repair1  concrete-repair2

GlossWorks repairs everything from driveways, concrete steps, garages, patios and sidewalks. Having your surfaces repair and sealed will prevent the freeze-thaw cycle from doing more damage and will be cured in a couple of days, ready for you to use. Not only will it make your driveway and property look better, it will also increase its value and assist with resale should you ever put your home on the market.

About GlossWorks Alberta

GlossWorks Alberta repairs and resurfaces concrete driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios and sealing for concrete or asphalt.  They also specializes in the polishing of concrete, marble, terrazzo, and granite and can install polyaspartic and epoxy garage coatings, rock coatings, Acrylicon industrial floors, overlayments and underlayments! They can grind and perform concrete preparation and leveling as well.

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