Pro tips for finishing a basement

Professional basement development can turn a cold-feeling, unused space into a functional, livable part of your home. Expand your living space with a family room, accommodate a growing family with new bedrooms, build a home office, or give yourself new storage spaces. These are all options for your basement development.

Clement Contracting in Winnipeg specializes in basement renovations and development. They share some tips for finishing your basement:

Check for moisture issues

Basements are more prone to moisture compared to other parts of the home. Before you spend money on new insulation, framing, and drywall, make sure it won’t get damaged by leaky pipes or a spring flood. The professionals at Clement Contracting will give your unfinished basement a full inspection. If they detect water or moisture issues, or something that could become an issue, they’ll make recommendations for repairs before the walls go up.

Read more on how to identify basement moisture spots.

Incorporate an open floorplan

Adding a spare bedroom and bathroom addition is an excellent idea for your basement renovation, but the rest of the space can be left open. An open concept gives you more options when it comes to using the space. Right now, you might want the space as a family room and playroom, but down the road, it might become a fitness area or home studio. An open floorplan gives you more options if your lifestyle and needs change down the road.

Put in an egress window, it’s required in a bedroom

If you want to have a bedroom in the basement, it needs to have the correct type of window to be considered a legal sleeping space. Install an egress window so it can double as a fire escape. The window must be a certain size, open from the inside, and be clear of obstruction. Learn more about egress window specifications in Winnipeg.  An egress window will provide a safe exit for a bedroom, home office, or home-schooling space.

Give yourself some storage areas

The basement is the best place to build a storage room. It’s tucked out of the way of your main living areas yet more accessible than the garage or shed. Make sure your storage area is in a room that has a door that can close. The last thing you want is storage clutter to be in view of your living spaces. Incorporate shelving, hooks, hangers, and spaces for stackable bins.

Make the space light and bright

Even though they’re below grade, basements can still be warm, bright, and welcoming with the right renovation. Choose paint colours that are light, neutral colours to help open up the space. Your ceiling, whether a drop ceiling or painted, should be painted white or a light colour.

Lighting is so essential downstairs. If possible, install larger windows with deep window wells to allow as much natural light as possible. Make up the difference with a smart electric lighting plan. Recessed lights provide good ambient light, while table lamps and wall sconces can give cozy task and accent lighting.

Basement Renovations in Winnipeg

Clement Contracting in Winnipeg offers basement renovations, bathroom renovations, decks, and fence building services. With over 15 years of experience, they’ve built a reputation of trust, providing quality work and service to their customers. From the design, obtaining permits, supply, installation to completion, they take care of everything.

Let’s get started on your home project. Contact Clement Contracting today!

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