Professional concrete design can create your dream yard            

Having a functional outdoor living space will extend your home’s living space and increase resale value. With the right design, you can create an outdoor space for relaxing, dining, entertaining, and spending time with family.

Bow River Concrete is a Calgary concrete contractor with experience in high-end concrete design. They can create a concrete design for your patio, pool, fireplace area, and other areas in your yard that will enhance the space.

What is concrete design?

There is more to installing new residential concrete than just pouring a driveway. Residential concrete design uses specialized design software to create a blueprint of your dream space. It could include a patio, retaining walls, steps, a pool deck, or other hardscape features.

Bow River Concrete will use the blueprint to create the concrete transformation in your yard. Commonly, your concrete contractors in Calgary will work closely with a landscaper in the process, if they do not offer those services themselves. Following the plan will ensure your expectations are met. It’s also a fun souvenir that you get to keep!

Concrete design helps you stay on budget

With a proper plan in place, you will get a more accurate quote. It will show you each aspect of the concrete design and break down the cost. A comprehensive plan will allow your contractor to create an estimate for materials, labour, disposal, and permits. With an accurate quote and strategy in place, you can set and keep a budget without worrying about too many surprises.

Once approved, the software schedules the job

Once you approve the final quote blueprint for your concrete design, Bow River Concrete will schedule your project. The season for installing concrete in Calgary is short, so accurate and timely scheduling is key to ensuring every customer’s job gets done on time. Once Bow River Concrete schedules your job into the software calendar, they can closely manage the timeline for your project.

Concrete design is often more than just concrete

Concrete patios, steps, walkways, and decks are typical residential projects. With concrete design, you get to picture the entire yard, and that usually includes other elements besides concrete. Your dream backyard might require planting trees, irrigation for flower beds, fencing, laying sod, and other landscaping tasks. The right design will allow you to see the big picture, so you know what else needs to get done. Many of these tasks can be tackled by Bow River Concrete. Alternatively, they can suggest a landscaping contractor join the team.

Start planning. Contact Bow River Concrete.


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