Pros of Building with Brick

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Brick has been an essential building material for thousands of years. It was used in ancient Egypt, in the Near East, India and even to construct the Roman empire, before coming a popular building material in North America in recent centuries. Nowadays, homeowners choose brick for it’s classic aesthetic appeal, strength and durability.

Here are the benefits of brick for your home:

Brick is strong and durable.

Remember the story of the three little pigs?  The pig that built his house out of brick was the only one that survived the wolf because his house was the strongest! Brick is and always has been a superior building material when it comes to strength and durability. Brick is resistant to fire and it won’t combust like wood or vinyl siding. Because of this, some insurance companies will offer a discount on homeowners insurance if the home is made of brick or has brick cladding. It offers protection from the wind and wind-blown debris, snow, rain and heat. Brick is resistant to moisture, can eliminate mould growth, rot and infestation by insects.

Brick last longer with less maintenance.

Because of it’s incredible durability, brick lasts a very long time without needing to be painted or repaired. It won’t rot, fade, peel or dent and some would say that brick actually looks better with age! Avoid expensive and time consuming home maintenance with a brick exterior. Learn how to replace a single brick.

Brick is a sustainable building material.

Brick is considered a green and sustainable building material. It is made of natural ingredients, predominately clay and shale, which are two of the most plentiful materials available on earth. They can be recycled after use and since they are a natural material, they are not harmful to the environment if they’re thrown away. Very little brick actually gets thrown away as it is very easy to recycle and is most often reused. Brick undergoes an environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and many manufacturers use fuels of bio-based materials to produce it.

Brick is energy efficient.

Brick has high performing thermal properties that make it a naturally energy efficient building material. It is able to store heat and slowly release it, meaning your home stays cool in the hot summer months. During the winter, your brick will actually store your home’s heat and radiate it back into your home before that energy can escape.

Brick will increase your home’s value.

Though brick can be more expensive than other home exterior choices, it will increase the value of your home. Brick has a timeless style and is very attractive. It will boost your curb appeal and increase the number of potential buyers coming to see your home. It is versatile and will go with a variety of home designs, making it attractive for a wide range of buyers. You will also save money on home repairs, maintenance and insurance with your brick home, resulting in more savings.

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