Q & A with a Granite Countertop Expert

A major feature of any kitchen renovation is your kitchen countertops. When it comes to natural stone countertops, granite has historically been the most popular choice for homeowners. It is very versatile in style, available in a range of colours including greys, browns, whites and blacks. No slab of granite is the same so you can be sure your countertops will be totally unique. Granite is also incredibly durable and will add value to your home.

Here are some granite countertop FAQs:

Will my granite countertop stain?

If sealed properly, granite does not stain. While it’s true that stone is a porous material, granite is the least porous of all of the stones. A sealer will be applied to the stone when it’s installed in your home to further protect it from potential staining agents.  It is still important that you wipe up any spills, including oil and water splashes, when they occur.

In the off chance that a stain from oil does occur, a poultice may be applied to draw it back out of the stone. Over time any remaining oil will naturally redistribute itself in the stone until it becomes virtually invisible.

How often should I seal my granite countertops?

It is recommended that you seal your granite every 6 to 12 months. Applying the manufacturers sealant is easy! You simply wipe it on, wipe it off and you’re done. A natural stone company can recommend a line of stone impregnators and easy-care cleaners for your stone. We’d be happy to tell you more about these products and how to use them when you come to the showroom. Learn how to seal granite countertops.

How scratch-resistant is granite?

With normal daily use you will not damage your granite’s finish. We don’t recommend trying it, but you could even cut directly on granite without much worry of damaging the surface. If anything you’ll ruin your knives before you damage the stone. You should know that there are some exotic types of granite that are made of different materials that are softer than most granite slabs. We will make sure you choose a type of granite that is resistant to scratches.

Can granite crack?

Unless there is a major flaw in your piece of granite, it would be pretty tough to get it to crack. We carefully look over every slab and any flaws are detected before it gets to your house. Try not to drop heavy objects on your counters like pots or large pans and you should never stand on your countertop. Though normal kitchen use will never crack the surface, putting too much pressure in the wrong place could cause a crack.

Can I put a hot pot on my granite countertop?

That is one of the best features of granite! It is completely resistant to heat. That means you can put your hot pots and pans right on the surface without worrying about damaging it or dulling your finish. You’ll love not having to search for a pot holder!

How do I care for my granite countertops?

Regular soap and water works just fine. Do not use glass cleaners or vinegar based products. We can recommend a line of care products that includes spray cleaners, sealers and polishes you may wish to use occasionally. Granite is very low maintenance and easy to clean, which is another great benefit.

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