Qualities to look for in a general contractor

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Home renovations can be exciting, but they’re also a significant investment in money and energy. Hiring a quality general contractor will ensure you get the most from your renovation dollars. The right company also provides a smooth, stress-free process for your home projects.

Integral Construction Management (ICM) in Sherwood Park offers a wide range of general contracting and construction services. Here they share what qualities you should look for when hiring a general contractor:


Like everything, the more experience someone has in a specific field, the better they are at it. The same goes for home renovations and construction projects. You don’t want to be a new contractor’s first project. Instead, hire a knowledgeable contractor with years of experience in the industry and a good reputation among peers and customers.

Good Communication

Part of renovation stress is not knowing what is happening with your project. ICM works hard to build good relationships with clients based on open and honest communication. They’re transparent in their estimates and will keep you in the loop every step of the way. Open communication will help your project run smoothly and ensure your satisfaction with the results.

Teamwork Approach

A general contractor acts as a project manager for your home renovation. As such, they’ll schedule and manage all the different trades and installers that will work in your home. You want a general contractor with good relationships with reputable and experienced trades. Using the team approach to home projects ensures everyone works towards the same goal. It helps the project go as planned and can quickly resolve any issues along the way. When you work with ICM, you’ll know every person working in your home is part of a skilled and trusted team.


Never hire a general contractor that cannot provide a valid business license, proof of liability insurance, and WCB coverage. These credentials protect you as the homeowner from legal and financial troubles. It will also protect you from any accidents or damages that might occur during the job. When you hire a RenovationFind Certified contractor like ICM, you can trust that they’ve been through stringent background checks and have the correct credentials for doing work in your home.

General Contractors in Edmonton

ICM offers residential and commercial construction services to Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and the surrounding areas. They are committed to completing your renovation project as if it was their own. Your satisfaction is their top priority, and they hold themselves to the highest standards of workmanship and customer service.

Hire a general contractor your can trust. Contact ICM today!

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