Qualities to look for in a home inspector

Buying a home for the first time can be stressful, especially since it is such a significant investment. A home inspection will ensure your new home is up to standard. Not every home inspector will do the same detailed and thorough job. How do you know which home inspector to hire?

Gambit Inspections in Edmonton specializes in home inspections for first-time buyers. They share why a home inspection is essential and some qualities of a great home inspector.

Importance of a home inspection

For first time home buyers, a home inspection is an important first step that should always be done. Beyond buyers liking how a house looks, an inspector will ensure it is safe and in good condition. You don’t want to buy a home only to find out later that there are additional, surprise expenses needed for repairs. An inspector will do a thorough inspection of the house, checking the heating, plumbing, roof, windows, foundation, and more. If there are any problems, they’ll be put into a report so you can address them before closing the deal. Not only can they show you immediate problems, but issues that might arise down the road. This will give you the information you need to make an educated decision. When it comes to such home inspections, investing a little extra for the right inspector is always worthwhile.


With a home inspection, speedy turn arounds should not be the most important factor. Instead, an inspector who takes their time and has an eye for details will be more likely to find any problems. A good home inspector will also use an infrared thermal scan to catch less visible issues, revealed by unusual temperatures. That will help catch any insulation or electrical problems that can’t be seen by visual inspection alone. A good inspector will likewise be open and honest about what they find to ensure you are always completely informed.

A thorough inspection should take two or more hours to complete. If you have a home inspector go through the property in an hour or less, you should reconsider and find a company that will be more thorough.

Detailed reports

In addition to a diligent inspection, look for the same in the final report. Ask for samples of previous inspections to see what they look for and how detailed and easy the report is to read. Gambit Inspections, for example, provides maintenance tips, any minor issues, or life expectancy of systems in their reports. That way, you learn about the home’s status both now and what to expect in the future. They also have contacts with trusted contractors to help with any necessary work. If there are any areas of concern, you can plan for them now or make changes to the final offer you put on the house.


Don’t just look for experience with home inspections; see what other areas an inspector knows. Anything related to a home, such as testing for mould and asbestos or doing energy audits, is valuable knowledge. Keep in mind that these are beyond the expertise required for an inspection, but they show that the inspector has extensive knowledge and dedication. The Gambit Inspections professionals have 600+ hours in continuing education, dedicated to furthering their expertise as inspectors.

Also, ask your inspector what types of homes they have inspected. No two houses are the same, so look for someone who has experience inspecting various types and old or new homes. Even inspecting rural homes compared to urban homes is a different process, but one a great inspector can handle.

Home Inspections in Edmonton

Gambit Inspections prides itself on giving first time home buyers absolute peace of mind for their new home. They provide detail-orientated and thorough inspections that help you be as informed about a potential new home as possible. With Gambit Inspections, you can rest easy knowing your new home will have no unexpected problems.

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