Quality exterior renovation services in Edmonton

Finding a good roofing company is essential not just for your roof but for your home overall. A trusted company can handle roof repairs, replacements, and systems like eavestroughs and siding. Once you find the right company, you can rely on them again for future upgrades or repairs.

Here are some ways the right roofing contractor can benefit your home:

Roof replacements and repair

Find a roofer that offers services that they can follow through on with the right quality and care. Part of the quality assurance means guaranteed workmanship (backed with a warranty) and complete safety. Ensure they have liability insurance and WCB coverage and will clean your property afterwards, so there’s no risk of stray nails.

Most roofers will offer inspections, repairs, maintenance, and installations. Additionally, a reputable roof will provide expert advice and education on your current and new roof and answer any questions you might have. Read signs you might need a new roof.

Siding installation services

Like your roof, the siding is a vital layer of protection for your home. Good siding will protect against the elements, improve thermal performance, and boost curb appeal. Some roofing companies also offer quality siding and professional installation services. Ensure that they use state-of-the-art materials, innovative techniques, and top-quality siding from leading manufacturers. You want to rely on their expertise and guidance when starting your exterior renovation. They’ll manage the project from start to finish, keep you in the loop, and ensure your home is protected and looks great.

Saving with solar

Some roofing companies offer hassle-free solar panels for your roof and other energy services. Ask if they can provide solar panel installation, energy storage solutions, solar-powered lighting solutions and solar attic ventilation.

Solar power allows your to harvest clean, renewable energy from the sun, reduce your dependence on fossil-fuel-burning energy, and lower your energy bills. Alberta is one of the sunniest places in North America and a great location to reap the full benefits of a residential solar power system.

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