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If your old asphalt shingles are curling, missing or you’ve noticed bare spots, it’s time for a roof replacement. This home improvement will help protect your home from the harmful weather, improve curb appeal and resale value too.

Sargeants Roofing answers some questions you might have about a roof replacement:

How much will it cost?

Your roofing project cost will depend largely on the size of your roof and how complex it is. On average, a typical asphalt roof replacement can cost between $7,000 to $9,000. If you have a small house, it could be as low at $4,000 – $5,000. If you have a massive house with an intricate roof structure, it can be in the mid teens.

The brand of shingles you choose, and the pitch of your home will also play a role in determining the price of your roof replacement.

How long will it take to install the new roof?

For an average home, it will take one or two days to complete the roof replacement. If you have a large home with a complex roof (more valleys and uniquely shaped areas) it could take up to three days or more depending on the size. Weather can play a factor too. Sargeants Roofing will hold off on taking your old shingles off should bad weather be in the forecast, extending the length of time required to replace the shingles.

Should I choose a light shingle or a dark shingle?

Feel free to choose whatever colour shingle you prefer or one that goes best with your home’s colour scheme. If we lived in a climate with extremely hot weather like Arizona or Texas, it might be wise to choose a lighter colour. Since we only get a handful of extremely hot days in the summer, it won’t make much of a difference which colour shade you choose as long as your venting is up to code.

Do I need to replace my gutters too?

Most people do. Gutters and/or eavestrough (interchangeable words) are a critical component of your roof. An effective “non-leaky” eavestrough system will prevent water from coming inside your home at the foundation or walls.. Old gutters that are leaking, not slope properly or just not secured properly to your fascia will increase this risk.

New 5” continuous gutters that are installed with screws and hangers vs. spikes, sloped properly will do the best job removing water from your home. You may also want to consider “Leaf Guards” (see pic in this section). Easy way to not have to clean your gutters ever again. Summer or winter, you will have the peace of mind your roof and gutters are done by a professional when you contact an Edmonton Roofing Company.

Do I need more vents on the roof? Why?

Most older homes don’t have adequate ventilation for their attic. Having proper ventilation is key for your home’s energy efficiency, protecting your home from moisture damage, especially in the winter and extending the life of your shingles. Without good air flow, condensation is your biggest enemy. Any heat lost from your home without proper attic ventilation, will cause issues in the winter. Typically, frost build up in the cold weather turns into water in warmer days (Condensation). This moisture can damage your trusses, roof boards, framing, insulation and ultimately get into your home. Sargeants Roofing will assess your ventilation situation and implement proper ventilation according to code.

Roofers in Edmonton

Sargeants Roofing offers full roof installation including roof replacements and roof leak repairs in Edmonton and surrounding areas. They also offer complete roof system packages that include new eavestroughs, fascia and soffits.


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