Questions About Home Additions

If you love your neighbourhood and home but need more space or are ready for a major change, a home addition might be a good option for you. The first place to start is determining why you want an addition and how it will better meet your family’s needs. Perhaps you have some design ideas or maybe you need a professional to help you from scratch. Wherever you are in your planning, Straight Line Contracting in Calgary offers some important questions to ask before embarking on a home addition project.

If you were building a new house from scratch, what would you include in it?

Considering this question will help you determine an accurate wish-list for what you want in your new home addition. Removing your current house from your mind allows you to be more creative and figure out what you really want. After you have some ideas, you can start looking for ways to incorporate the things you would want in a new dream house into the house you already have. This can be done through a home addition, major home remodel or a combination of the two.

Will the home addition increase property value?

In most cases, the home addition will increase the value of your property, but you might not see 100% return on your investment at resale. Home additions are one of the most expensive home renovation projects, they don’t get as good as a return on investment compared to remodels but can be worth the investment if your family plans on living in the home for a long time. Here are return on investment percentages offered by Remodelling’s cost vs. value report:

Basic two-story addition – 71.1% return
Bathroom addition (midrange) – 59.9% return
Bathroom addition (upscale) –  54.6% return
Master suite addition (midrange) –  56.6% return
Master suite addition (upscale) – 48.3% return

Are there ways you can cut costs?

There are ways you can reduce costs without cutting corners. Look for ways to minimize the need to add onto the home’s existing footprint. For example, can the attic be transformed into a master suite? Can you build an additional bathroom in the basement instead of adding it onto the home? Straight Line Contracting can help you determine if your existing living space can be reconfigured to meet your needs. This will be less expensive than adding onto your home’s footprint.

Will an addition flow with the look of your home?

You want your new home addition to look like it belongs. Straight Line Contracting will make sure that your addition compliments the style of the house, follows the existing roofline and has the interior and exterior finish materials you want to match the rest of the home. They will also plan in things like additional windows, doors, siding, roofing and extending utilities and the HVAC system to accommodate the new space.

Major Renovations and Home Additions in Calgary

Straight Line Contracting has over 30 years experience in various fields of the construction industry.  They are committed to quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction. Straight Line Contracting offers major home renovation and addition services as well as renovation services for the kitchen, bathroom, basement, decks, exterior, garage and new home construction.

If you’re ready to build, contact Straight Line Contracting!


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