Questions to ask about home automation

Technological advances are ever on the move to make life easier, including a homeowner’s life. Home automation allows you to control things like lights, temperature, home theatre systems, and home security from your smart devices. There are a lot of features to choose from, and some might suit you better than others. Before you install home automation, ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your needs.

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What do you want from home automation?

Home automation can easily range from one aspect or room to including your entire home. The best way to choose is to decide where you would benefit most from a new system. If entertainment is your focus, then a customized home theatre with voice control may be the right pick. It can also be little things such as automatic blinds and lighting or smart heating and cooling to save money! Security systems are another popular system for automation. A push of a button can show you who’s at the front door or let you automatically lock any doors from your phone. Start with what’s most important to you or ask a professional what would benefit your home the most.

What is your budget?

Home automation can help with monthly energy savings, but the upfront cost is still a big investment. Before you settle on a system, establish your budget first. Ask a professional installer what the costs will be and what to expect from your long-term savings. Once you know that, you can work together to create the perfect budget. Home automation can also be installed in stages, so even if you don’t have the money now, you can still invest in one system at a time. Knowing your budget will also help your contractor work within that to ensure you save money.

What is the best design or layout? 

Whether a panel on the wall or an app on your tablet or phone, home automation should be easy to access. When you choose a new system, also decide where in your home it will go. The best layouts should maximize convenience, no matter what room you are in. The best way to ensure that is to talk with your contractor about design and layouts. They’ll take your needs and lifestyle into consideration and help plan the best design for your new system.

What can your home support?

Some home automation parts will run on battery power or through wall sockets, but others need new wiring. Any existing home is compatible with home automation, but consider what will need to be rewired. Smart thermostats or security systems, for example, will need to be wired into your home. Others may need to have power outlets added to nearby locations to work conveniently. Outlet location is also important so that you don’t have wires and cables everywhere. Have a professional contractor talk you through the installation process, so you know what to expect. Another factor is how stable and strong is your Wi-Fi system. Since most home automation runs off Wi-Fi, you want to ensure that yours is up to the task!

Home Automation in Winnipeg

At Interfusion Media, they pride themselves on providing custom solutions for each of their customers. By listening to your specific needs, they are able to tailor each service perfectly to your home. Whether that means a new security system, whole-home A/V control, or something else, Interfusion Media is the company to call.

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