Questions to ask before renovating

Home renovations can add functionality and value to your home. Before you begin, ask yourself these important questions:

What rooms need an upgrade?

If you want to give your entire home a face-lift, you should determine which rooms specifically you want to be renovated. Knowing the scope of your home renovation will help you determine the cost for the entire project as well as the cost broken down room-by-room.

What is my budget?

Be realistic about what you can afford to spend. General Contractors can provide a detailed estimate for your project, but you should consider costs that you might have outside of your general contractor. Think about things like new appliances, furniture, lighting and décor. Will you have put the dog in a kennel during renovations? Have you considered taxes, fees for permits and other costs?

How can the home renovation improve the function of the room?

Consider how you plan on using the newly renovated room. Will the kitchen be a practical workspace for your master at-home chef or a hub for socializing and entertaining? Will the living room be a quiet space for reading and reflecting or will it be outfitted with a big screen TV and surround sound? Knowing how you are going to use the room will make a big difference in how it is designed prior to construction.

What kind of designs do you like?

Here is where having a professional interior designer or design team comes in handy. You might have an idea of colours, certain products like flooring or countertops, but making all those things come together can be challenging. If you have no idea, get online and look up images of modern, traditional, classic and contemporary house design styles.  Read these design styles defined.

Do you love any specific materials?

Maybe you don’t have a clue about your preferred design style, but you do know what materials stand out to you. If you’ve seen examples of flooring, doors, walls, countertops, moulding, cabinets or other finish selections that you absolutely LOVE, let your general contractor know and they can produce a design that best incorporates those things.

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