Questions to ask your general contractor for a perfect reno

Hiring a general contractor takes a lot of the stress and pressure off when doing a major renovation. They handle the work, delegation, and help with any design tips or ideas. Having clear communication is key for a perfect renovation, which a few important questions will help provide. 

All 4 Walls Home Improvements in Edmonton is a professional general contracting company. They share some questions to ask your general contractor to ensure a perfect renovation:

What is the timeline? 

Big or small, you want to know what timeline you can expect for the work being done, especially when someone else is handling it. It’ll help not only relieve any stress, but it helps make sure no work slips behind schedule. In case of any unexpected problems or delays, it’ll also give you some elbow room to fix the issue. A timeline will also let you know what workers will be at home and on what days. If there is a day of loud construction and mess, you can plan to be out of the house.

How will we communicate? 

Communication is another key question to ask, especially if you won’t be present every day. Having a way for you and your contractor to reach each other will help with day-to-day updates or major decisions. Set up telephone, email, or text-based communication. Also, ask about after-hour contact in case a question or concern comes up at a later time. 

Are there any immediate concerns? 

This can range from simple design concerns, such as colour choices or wall removal, to more significant problems. General contractors have years of experience behind them, meaning they’ll notice things that homeowners don’t. Before starting any project, ask your contractor if there are any concerns they saw. That will help avoid severe future issues, as well as help to plan a solution now. Even if it’s a design change, consider their advice. They likely have experience with the best layout and décor, so listen as well as plan. 

What about clean up and protective measures? 

Depending on much work is involved, find out who will handle the clean-up and how your home will be protected. If your perfect kitchen or bathroom renovation is left with a thick coating of dust, it’ll ruin the effect. Most general contractors will put up plastic to protect against dust, but also think about moveable objects. Anything from bookshelves, hanging pictures, or furniture that may get knocked loose or get in the way, must be handled. Ask your general contractor what should be moved or covered to avoid any unnecessary damage during the renovation. 

General Contractors in Edmonton 

Any project or work you need for your home, All 4 Walls Home Improvement is there to help. They promise a stress-free and perfect renovation, no matter what you need. With their skilled and professional general contractors, your home improvements are in the right hands.

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