Questions to ask your window company about warranty

Whenever you upgrade part of your house, you want it covered by a warranty. This protects your investment. You don’t want to be the one who pays for a product defect or installation error.

Generally, there are two kinds of window replacement warranties. First is the manufacturer’s warranty. This applies to hardware malfunctions, glass breakage, and other product defects. The second is from the installation company. As different companies offer different warranties, it’s important to ask the right questions to understand your coverage.

Renewal by Andersen of BC provides full-service window replacements and door replacements in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Their team handles the entire process from measuring, to custom manufacturing, to installation. They also offer one of the industry’s strongest warranties.

How long is the warranty valid?

Warranties often vary in length. There are lifetime warranties, limited lifetime warranties, and timeframe warranties.

The windows are covered for the time period of the warranty, for as long as they are subject to normal wear and tear. Individual companies have different interpretations of what this means. Therefore, ask for the specifics. If they’re offering a lifetime warranty, you should ask how long the windows should last.

Limited lifetime warranties cover specific defects and parts. Again, each company has its own definition of a limited lifetime warranty. For example, it might not cover the labour required to fix the issue—just the parts. Asking for more information is vital!

Timeframe warranties are valid for a set number of years. Once the warranty expires, you have no coverage for the windows.

Renewal by Andersen of British Columbia has a 20-year warranty on Glass and Fibrex® material. Additionally, they guarantee locks, hinges, and other components for 10 years.

Is the warranty transferrable?

It’s important to know if the warranty will be void if you sell your home. Are you able to transfer the warranty to the next homeowner? This is valuable information for a potential buyer. Additionally, it can increase the selling value of your house.

At Renewal by Andersen of British Columbia, they offer fully transferrable coverage. So if you decide to sell your home, the windows will still be covered under their comprehensive warranty.

Does the warranty cover installation?

The manufacturer and the installation company will likely have separate warranties. Both the actual windows and the installation should be covered. Before hiring a window replacement company, ask if they guarantee the installation. If windows are installed incorrectly, you may encounter problems, such as a broken window seal in the future. A leaky window can reduce energy efficiency, home comfort, and lead to water damage.

Window installation is covered by Renewal Andersen of BC for two years after the original installation date. If you encounter any issues due to improper installation, they will fix it at no cost to you.

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Renewal by Andersen of British Columbia offers the strongest warranties in the industry. This is because they stand behind their products and their team. They custom manufacture all their windows specifically to your home’s measurements. Furthermore, their workmanship is precise and meticulous. Additionally, their team looks after the entire process. For this reason, they can guarantee quality and efficiency. It also makes it easier for you!

Contact Renewal by Andersen of BC for your next window installation!

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