Questions to ask yourself before you go solar  

Solar energy offers undeniable benefits and value, which is why many homeowners choose it. But investing in solar energy isn’t a light decision and should be done with careful consideration.

At SolarNinjas Energy Solutions in Edmonton, a professional electrical company, they understand that importance. Here they share some questions to ask yourself to help make a choice:

Do you get enough sunlight? 

This will depend both on where you live and specifically where your house is located. Edmonton itself is a sunny city, getting around 2,300 hours of sunlight a year, according to the City of Edmonton. With that in mind, how much sunlight does your home get? Is it located in a shadier area, or do you get hours of sunshine each day? If it is sunny, are there any large trees that might cast shade over the panels? A solar system will pay for itself within a few years, but only if it gets enough solar power. Have your solar contractor inspect your home and ensure that there is enough sunlight to maximize solar energy. 

Can your roof support panels? 

Both the condition of your roof and the durability of the material will play a role in going solar. Remember that once installed, solar panels can easily last between 25-50 years. If your roof is going to need replacing halfway through, that’s going to cause problems. Before installing any panels, have your roof inspected for signs of wear or damage. If it needs replacing, calculate that into the overall cost of a solar system. Also, talk to your solar contractor about what material would be the most durable to support the panels. Metal standing seams are among the best options, but a professional will find the right choice for your home and budget. 

Do you have the right budget? 

Solar systems have a significant upfront cost, which often deters homeowners from choosing them. That said, the system will ultimately pay itself off and even save money over its lifespan. Still, having a budget in place is always important. To help offset the costs, check to see if your home qualifies for any rebates. Edmonton offers a rebate of $0.40/watt to help with a solar system cost, which equals about 15% of the initial fee of going solar. Companies like SolarNinjas Energy Solutions even help to find other rebates and incentive programs. 

How will you access or store energy? 

Talk to your solar contractor about the best choice of accessing or storing your solar energy. Off-grid storage relies on a battery bank to store excess solar energy, which can then be easily accessed as needed. Grid-tied storage connects the home to the electrical grid and stores excess energy there. Some companies offer to buy back that extra energy, creating a stream of income for the homeowner. Depending on your home and needs, there is no one right answer, as either option will benefit your home. 

How will you finance the solar power system installation?

SolarNinjas Energy Solutions offer industry-leading financing through a dedicated Green Loans program. This helps make the upfront cost of installing a solar power system as affordable as possible. The ATB Green Loans program can only be accessed through a vetted solar contractor like SolarNinjas. They will handle the entire process of applying for financing, reducing stress, and helping you make the easy decision to go solar.

Electricians in Edmonton 

SolarNinjas Energy solutions pride themselves on giving homes energy-efficient and value-boosting solutions. Their team is fully certified and experienced, guaranteeing that your home gets only the best service. From residential electrical services to solar energy or home automation, they have the help you need. 

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