Questions to ask yourself to prepare for interior painting

Hiring a professional painter to do your interior is the perfect way to ensure a quality finish and professional work. However, before you do, you want to be completely ready for your professional painter to maximize their help. Knowing which rooms you are painting, the colours and style will all help for a smooth experience.

J. Gordon Painting Ltd. in Vancouver is a professional painting company. They share some professional tips when it comes to planning your next painting renovation:

What room is being painted?

To start, decide which room you want to paint or needs an update. The main reason for this is that you can better pair a colour by knowing the room’s purpose. Bedrooms, for example, generally don’t benefit from bright, bold colours. Kitchens, however, will look attractive and feel energetic with those types of shades. Since colours play a role in affecting moods, it’s important to pick the right match. Orange is a cozy and creative colour, making it ideal for kitchens or living rooms. Greens and blues are calming and restful, so bedrooms are a great pairing for these. Once you know what room is being painted, think about what mood you want to encourage in it.

How big is the room?

Size is another important factor, especially when picking shades. Dark colours in small rooms will ma ke them feel even smaller and cramped. Either stick with all lighter shades and colours or pick a feature wall and paint it dark. The contrast of one dark wall with other bright walls tricks the eyes into thinking the room is larger. Larger rooms can work well with both or dark, but really big rooms benefit from warmer colours. That helps add some coziness back into the room and takes away that expansive sense of space.

What other colours are present?

Before picking a new colour based on what looks nice, take a look around the room that will be painted. How many other colours are already present, and what are their shades? Choose a colour that either matches an existing shade or something new that still complements what is already in the room just as well. Some pairings include mixing warm, neutral shades, like beige with a dark orange. Other’s ideas use contrasting colours, like pastel blues, with green colours. Just don’t mix and match too many colours; otherwise, the room becomes overwhelming.

Which finish do you want?

Paint finishes, such as glossy, matte, eggshell, and so on, all have different effects on how the paint will look. Glossy finishes tend to reflect light, making the area look much lighter and brighter than it is. High-gloss in a kitchen is a great combination as it lends that brightness and energy to the room. Bedrooms will benefit more from a flat or matte finish that doesn’t reflect light and encourages sleep. Some finishes are also easier to clean than others, so before deciding, talk to a professional for a second opinion.

Painters in Vancouver

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