Reasons For An Electrical Service Upgrade or Panel Upgrade

Blog written by Hauer Power Electrical Inc. in Edmonton

Any home or business that has an older electrical panel may want to consider upgrading their electrical panel to a new modern one and quite possibly an entire electrical service upgrade as electrical needs and usage requirements change. Electricians in Edmonton like Hauer Power can assist you with this upgrade.

Increased Circuit Capacity

In large renovation projects, people often overlook the fact that they will have to upgrade the electrical to the current requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code and their local authority. Kitchens, for example, have numerous electrical requirements that weren’t necessary even ten years ago.

Air conditioners and hot tubs are becoming more common and also will require additional space in your electrical panel. Updating the panel will ensure you have enough space to expand. If you’re not sure if you need more capacity, connect with Edmonton electricians for an inspection.

Improved Safety

Another reason you may want to upgrade your electrical panel is to upgrade the safety of your home’s electrical system. Electrical equipment, like any equipment, breaks down or wears out over time. Nuisance tripping is common with older circuit breakers that have been exposed to years of heating and cooling. The biggest danger is when breakers do not trip when overloaded. This can cause a fire to break out and destroy property and lives. AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupters) are the new normal in electrical safety. These breakers limit circuit ampacity and also protect against electrical arcing in walls or electrical boxes.

Increased Electrical Load Capacity

Insurance companies are now requiring homes with a 60 amp electrical service to upgrade to 100 amp rated service and equipment. This includes changing the electrical panel, service mast (for overhead electrical services), wires and meter base. The benefit to upgrading your electrical service is that you will have more capacity to add in the extra circuits you need for renovations, new appliances, and fun accessories like hot tubs and air conditioners.

If you want to upgrade your electrical panel or upgrade your electrical service, contact an Edmonton electrician like Hauer Power Electrical for a free estimate.


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