Reasons to choose granite and quartz countertops

Granite and manufactured quartz are two of the most popular choices for countertops among homeowners. Both choices are attractive and durable and will add enjoyment to your kitchen and value to your home. OK Granite Ltd. in Calgary shares some reasons why you should choose granite or quartz for your kitchen renovation:

They are strong and durable.

Granite: When sealed properly, granite is resistant to spills and stains. It is a very hard stone, which means it will resist scratching. You can put your hot pots and pans right on the counter without worrying about scorching the surface. Granite is also resistant to chips and cracks, but it’s recommended you don’t stand on your countertops.

Quartz: Manufactured quartz is made up of mostly natural minerals (crushed natural stone) with a small amount of resins to bind it together. Because of the binding resins, quartz does not require sealing like granite to be stain and moisture resistant. It is a very hard, durable and strong surface.

Granite and quartz are beautiful.

Granite: No two granite slabs are the same. Because each countertop is manufactured from a unique slab of natural rock, your countertops will be one of a kind. There is a wide range of colours, designs and vein patterning available in granite. OK Granite can help you choose a granite that will best match your kitchen and home’s overall style and design. Granite also gives the space a natural look. When polished, it shines and reflects the lighting in your kitchen. Granite truly is an attractive material to have in your home.

Just a small sampling of granite colours and styles.

Quartz: Engineered quartz is man-made. Because of this, it provides a lot of versatility when it comes to colour, style and design. You can have quartz that looks like a granite slab, or choose a solid vibrant colour with sparkling specks. Your choices are nearly endless. Quartz can really shine and gives the same three-dimensional look as granite and other natural stone surfaces.

A small selection of colour and style choices with manufactured quartz.

Both are easy to clean and maintain.

Granite: It is recommended that you seal your granite periodically, every few years or so. Most granite companies will sell sealing products. They can recommend a sealer that will work best for your granite. All you need to do is apply the sealer on the surface evenly, wipe off the excess and your done. When it comes to cleaning granite, simply wipe it down with a wet cloth and a mild dish soap. Do not use bleach, vinegar or a window cleaner on granite. The acid in these cleaners can dull the shine on the granite and weaken the seal. Learn how to clean granite countertops.

Quartz: As mentioned, manufactured quartz does not need to be sealed like granite. It can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent and a wet cloth. You can use a surface cleaner and a soft sponge to remove the rare tough stains. You should avoid acid cleaners like bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner.

They will improve resale value.

Granite and engineered quartz: Both countertop options will give your home a high-end look that is sought after by buyers on the real estate market. People are attracted to their aesthetic appeal, durability and how convenient they are to use and maintain. Kitchen renovations have a great return on investment at resale. Both granite and quartz will give you home a more competitive advantage.

Manufactured Quartz & Granite Countertops in Calgary

OK Granite Ltd specializes in premium kitchen and bathroom countertops that will turn your home into something truly unique. All their high end products are offered at a competitive prices, allowing them to offer some of the lowest rates for natural stone in the city.

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