Reasons to hire professionals for tree removal

Removing trees from your yard can be as daunting as the size of the tree itself. Tree removal is a time-consuming, somewhat dangerous, and expensive task. But, when you hire a group of skilled arborists for landscaping projects like tree removal, you help to eliminate risk, cost, or time spent on the job.

Capers West Landscaping & Tree Removal Services in Calgary is a team of ISA-certified (The International Society of Arboriculture) arborists. Their experience with trees and landscaping means they can help with key residential tree services like removal. It is a big job, and there are some important reasons to hire professionals to identify issues with trees and remove them.

It is safer

Tree removal requires expert knowledge of various tree types and the skill to safely remove them. Trained arborists such as the Capers West team have knowledge and experience with safely removing and disassembling the tree. They are also trained with the specialized equipment involved. That knowledge and training will help avoid property damage, personal injury, and overall risk.

Tree removal is especially dangerous if a tree has grown too close to or come down on an overhead powerline. In this instance, you should never attempt to remove the tree yourself. If a tree has fallen on power equipment, stay at least 10 feet away and call the utility provider for further instructions. Often, they’ll have you call an ISA-certified arborist to come to trim or remove the suspect tree.

It saves you time

In Calgary, homeowners are responsible for trimming their trees and away from public property. That means you must ensure your trees and shrubs are not interfering with pedestrians on the sidewalk or vehicles on the street or alley. Trimming or removing trees can be a big job and very time-consuming. In addition, you might not have the right equipment to do it and will have to take the time to rent or purchase it. Hiring skilled professionals saves you from having to do any of it yourself, possibly giving you your weekend back. Read more reasons why you should hire a certified arborist in Calgary.

It can save you money

The equipment rental, as mentioned above, won’t be cheap. And the risk of damaging property or land can end up running you a big bill. When you hire a professional arborist for tree removal, you can be assured it will be done properly and safely the first time. Plus, you won’t need to get yourself the larger tools like a chainsaw, climbing gear, or bobcats. Avoid the risk of damaging property and personal injury by calling professionals!

Tree Removal in Calgary

There are many ways to spruce up your yard, and removing dead trees and shrubs is a big task worth the effort. When you hire ISA-certified arborists like Capers West Landscaping & Tree Removal, you are guaranteed excellent results with safety in mind. Capers West can assist with other yard improvement services, including landscaping. They can help you salvage the wood for other uses, provide consultations for detecting issues, or provide pruning and trimming.

If you need a tree removed, contact Capers West Landscaping & Tree Removal!

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