Reasons to paint your home’s exterior this year

Exterior paint jobs by Perry Wellington Professional Painters

If your home’s exterior looks a little shabby or worn, an exterior paint job might be the solution. With freshly coated siding and trim, your home can look new again in no time.

Perry Wellington Professional Painters in Winnipeg offer interior and exterior painting services. They share some good reasons to paint your home’s exterior this year:

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Perhaps the most significant benefit to an exterior paint job is a renewed curb appeal. Painting your home’s exterior is more cost-effective than other exterior renovations, and it takes far less time. Whether you’re choosing to repaint it the same colour, or going for an all-new look, you’ll love your rejuvenated curb appeal.

Perry Wellington Professional Painters can help you choose a colour scheme that will suit your home and taste. If you’re having trouble deciding, their consultation will give you some ideas and show you some samples. Your home is going to look great with its newly painted exterior walls and trim. Check out these exterior colour schemes for ideas.

Better Protection

Your home’s exterior works hard to protect your home from the elements, especially during a Winnipeg winter! Paint that is bubbling, flaking, and coming away from the wall is no longer providing the best protection from your home. A fresh coat of paint will act as an extra barrier against the weather and prevent moisture and water from penetrating the siding. Keeping your home’s exterior well maintained can extend the life of your siding, trim, and other exterior components.

Boosted Resale Value

With improved curb appeal comes increased resale value. Curb appeal plays a significant role in how your home performs on the real estate market. A house with a worn-out exterior might deter buyers before they even look at the interior photos. A fresh coat of paint will give the home a facelift. It shows buyers that maintenance is important to the current owner, which is an attractive selling point.

Exterior Cleaning and Touch-Ups

When Perry Wellington Professional Painters prepares your home to paint, they’ll go the extra mile making sure it’s in good condition. That means pressure washing the home’s exterior. While they’re at it, they can do the driveway, fence, deck, and garage door! That fresh clean will brighten up your exterior.

Then they’ll take care of carpentry touch-ups. Preparing the surface is essential for the new paint to adhere to the surface and for flawless results. That might mean replacing rotten or worn wood with new lumber. They’ll remove old hooks, nails and fill in any gaps and cracks. If the repair work is outside of their scope, they have a professional carpenter on retainer. This professional will make sure your home is in tip-top shape and ready to be painted.

Painters in Winnipeg

Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating has been offering quality painting services since 2009. They offer interior and exterior services to both the residential and commercial sectors. Exterior Elastomeric Stucco Coatings is a specialty of theirs, as well as interior drywall and plaster repair.

Ready to paint? Contact them today for a complimentary assessment!

Stucco paint job by Perry Wellington Professional Painters

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