Reasons why your home may need a new gas line installation

Natural gas is not only clean and convenient, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective to use. It may also be that you already own a gas line, but your pipes are worn out and need to be replaced. Either way, knowing why and when your home needs a new gas line can save money and add convenience.

Resilient Plumbing in Vancouver is a professional plumbing and heating company. They share some reasons why you should consider installing a new gas line:

Your gas pipes are old and worn

If you already use gas in your home, it is worthwhile checking how old those pipes are. Gas pipelines have a lifespan of 50 years, but older homes may already have older pipes. The entire pipeline may not need repairs, but a line repair is sometimes necessary. It may also be that older pipes need a maintenance check now and again for any minor repairs. If you notice strange smells, sounds (like hissing from the walls), or the grass above a line is dying, call a professional. A leaky pipeline is a dangerous problem that must get repaired or replaced right away.

You are adding more gas appliances

Similar to upgrading your circuit panel when you need more power, new gas appliances also need access to new gas lines. Each new appliance will need to be supplied with its own gas source to run properly and avoid overloading the gas line with too many appliances. Before you buy any new appliances, call in a professional plumber to inspect your gas line. They’ll be able to tell you if your home has enough BTUs (British Thermal Units), which measure how much thermal energy is necessary. New appliances will typically have a sticker with the BTU output, which a professional can reference for your new gas line. Never attempt to install a gas line for a new appliance yourself.

Switching away from electricity

Swapping from electricity to natural gas appliances can save around 30% on utility bills making it a worthwhile choice. Compared to electricity as well, natural gas is a top contender when it comes to clean energy. While this isn’t an uncommon switch for homeowners, keep in mind that the initial installation cost is much higher. New gas lines and gas appliances will need to be installed first, which accounts for that spike in the initial expenses. However, some utility companies will offer rebates to help offset the overall cost. Talk to a professional plumber to plan for the costs and see what those long-term savings will look like.

Building a new house

Planning a new home is the perfect chance to maximize any energy-saving features, like natural gas, before you move in. Not only that, but you can decide now if you want an outdoor barbecue, garage heater, or a gas fireplace. With a natural gas pipeline, the value it adds to your home is a long-lasting addition. A new home is a big investment, but those future monthly bills will be lower, and the resale will be higher with natural gas. Just be sure to involve a professional plumber for any gas line planning and ideas. Aside from their professional help, they may have some design ideas and features to consider.

Plumbers in Vancouver

Resilient Plumbing dedicates themselves to providing high-quality and efficient plumbing and heating services for your home. Their professionals are all fully-licensed, experienced, and skilled at their work. Whether your home needs plumbing, heating, gas, or drainage services, their company is the one to call.

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