Reasons you might need air conditioning repair

Spring is here and you might need to turn on your air conditioner before you know it. Before the first heatwave, you should contact an experienced HVAC company to inspect your air conditioner. They can provide a seasonal tune-up and cleaning to ensure it runs properly this summer.

Action Heating and Cooling Ltd. in Edmonton is a full-service HVAC company that offers air conditioner installation and service. They share some common reasons why your air conditioner could need repair:

Leaking refrigerant

The refrigerant in the air conditioner is responsible for cooling the hot air. It passes through the AC through coils and cools that hot air as it comes through the system before the air blows through the ducts. If there is an issue with the refrigerant or refrigerant coils, the air conditioner will not cool the air. An AC technician can clean up and repair the leak before replacing the refrigerant. If there isn’t a leak, they can troubleshoot the problem and get your air conditioner back in working order.

Broken thermostat

Before you call an HVAC technician to fix your air conditioner, check your thermostat. Make sure you’ve moved it to the ‘cool’ setting. It may seem simple enough, but it’s a common mistake after a long winter of heating. If you have set it to ‘cool’ but still won’t blow cold air, then it could mean something is wrong with your thermostat. A technician from Action Heating and Cooling can come to check it out.

Dirty air conditioner

Cleaning up the air conditioner should be part of your spring maintenance checklist. First, remove all the dead branches, leaves, and debris away from the unit itself. Then open it up and check out the fan and condenser. If it’s dirty, it needs a cleaning. Too much dust and dirt will cause too much strain on the unit. The harder it works, the more likely it is to break down. Plus, added stress means it’s using more energy than necessary to cool your home. You could see a spike in your monthly electricity bill.

Learn how you can clean your air conditioner.

Neglecting maintenance

If you haven’t been getting annual service tune-ups for your air conditioner, it could be wearing out prematurely. Like any mechanical system, your air conditioner needs regular service to keep it running at peak performance. Otherwise, its efficiency can diminish, and you’ll start noticing things breaking down. Preventative maintenance is essential to avoid significant breakdowns and repairs or a premature replacement of the entire air conditioner.

Action Heating and Cooling Ltd. offer air conditioner tune-ups and repairs. They can give your air conditioner a complete tune-up, take care of minor repairs, change your air filter, and ensure it’s running efficiently and safely. If needed, they can make recommendations for an air conditioner replacement. They are the experts when it comes to AC sales and installation.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Keeping your home or office comfortable throughout the seasons is easy when you turn to Action Heating & Cooling for assistance. Their HVAC contractors can make sure that you have the right system in place to meet your environmental needs. They’re proud to serve customers all throughout the Greater Edmonton region.

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