Reasons you need a general contractor for your bathroom reno   

Are you thinking about a bathroom renovation? Even if you’re renovating for yourself, not to sell, it’s always worthwhile hiring a professional to do the remodel. While DIYing can save a little money if you have the time and skills, a professional offers their own unique benefits.

Maderaworx in Vancouver provides professional services for interior design, project management, and interior and exterior renovations. They explain just why you need a general contractor for your bathroom renovation:

A professional’s touch if you plan to sell

If you’re renovating to sell, the bathroom is a great place to start. The right bathroom design can go a long way with impressing potential buyers, but only if it’s done right. Buyers notice the difference between a DIY renovation and a professional one. Maderaworx has the skills and tools for the job, and they’ll nail those little details. This can mean everything from managing trades to choosing the best quality of materials. General contractors will also know just what details or aspects potential buyers will want to see or have. That way, you get both the quality of a professional and an appealing factor that can attract buyers! Take a look at some more factors that buyers will love in a bathroom renovation.

A realistic timeline

If you’re working under a deadline with your renovations, the last thing you want is a stretched-out project. Even though bathroom renos may seem easy, they can easily take weeks or months to complete if you’re tackling it yourself. Instead, hire a general contractor who will guarantee a timely renovation schedule. Part of working with a general contractor will mean drafting up a timeline of the project. A general contractor will ensure that the work is done on-time and that will reduce a lot of stress.

General contractors will manage the trades

Bathroom renovations have a lot of different kinds of work involved. With major renovations, you’ll need multiple trades to work on the project. From electricians, plumbers, tile installers and painters, a general contractor will take care of hiring, scheduling and managing everyone who work on your project. They also have vendors they trust through experience. Trying to do this yourself, vetting, hiring and scheduling trades, can be very time consuming and stressful.

Aesthetic and design help

Professionals have an eye for design and will know what goes well together and what will not. Not only that, they have the technology to create a design so you can see what it might look like before anyone starts swinging a hammer. If you have some ideas, great! Pass them along. You’ll have fun picking tile, flooring, and fixtures – and it will be easier with a professional offering their expertise along the way.

General Contractor in Vancouver and Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver

At Maderaworx, quality, trust, and reliability are at the top of their values when it comes to their customers. They pride themselves on always providing the highest quality in everything they do, to ensure absolute satisfaction. Whether you need interior design help, renovation services or project management, Maderaworx is ready to help!

Contact Maderaworx today for any questions or services!

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