Refinishing your kitchen: cabinets and countertops

There are a few ways to give your kitchen a brand-new look without committing to a complete renovation. By addressing the two most prominent focal points in the room, cabinets and countertops, you can refresh and update the whole space at a fraction of the cost of replacing your kitchen.

Cabinet Transformations in Vancouver are a professional cabinet restoration and refinishing company. They know to refresh your cabinets and countertops for a new overall look and feel.

Cabinet Refacing

Refacing is replacing the doors and drawer fronts of the cabinet along with the hinges, handles, and drawer pulls. A durable paint is applied to the exposed panels to complete the look. The box and location of the cabinets stay in place, so this is best done if you are happy with their location.

The great benefit of re-facing is that you can change the colour and door style and add eye-catching handles. Your cabinets will look completely brand new and different by the end of the re-facing. Re-facing is also a great way to bring new colours and feeling to your kitchen. Bright shades can bring a modern, welcoming feel, while darker colours can create a dramatic, elegant look.

Cabinet Refinishing

If your cabinets are still in excellent condition, but it’s the colours you want to change, refinish them instead. Refinishing is where you keep all the parts of your cabinet but just change the finish or colour. This gives you the option to either add a new stain to the cabinets or go for painted cabinets. The one thing to keep in mind with re-facing or refinishing is to leave the work to a professional. They will guarantee the quality and long-lasting results you want for your new cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing in Vancouver and Cabinet Refinishing in Vancouver

Cabinet Transformations knows that kitchens play a crucial role in resale and home value as the heart of the home. Their goal is to help turn your kitchen into a dream space that you will love for years. Cabinet Transformations has the experience, reputation, and quality approach to handle your kitchen renovation that produces stunning results.

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