Avoid costly repairs by having regular air conditioning maintenance

All air conditioning units need regular maintenance to keep them running properly. There are several signs that could show your unit is in need of professional maintenance. These include noise, not cooling like it used to, and an increase in your electric bill. Having regular maintenance can help avoid system failures and even bigger problems.

Super Star Plumbing in Calgary has over 15 years of experience with air conditioning units and works with your comfort as their top priority. Their licensed professionals work quickly when needed to have your issues fixed quickly and properly. The hot temperatures of summer are getting closer. This is the perfect time to have your air conditioning inspected for any issues. Avoid your machine breaking down on a sweltering day by taking care of it ahead of time.

Noisy while running

If you have fired up your unit for the first time since last year and notice that it’s noisier than you remember, it could be time for an inspection. Having a professional take a look to see if there are any issues can mean peace of mind of finding issues before they turn into big problems. A simple thing such as bent fins can cause an issue with reduced airflow, and even can cause your machine to work harder than needed.

Not as cool as it used to be

Build-up on the evaporator drain thanks to mould or algae can cause your system to stop cooling. If you’re finding that your system isn’t keeping your house as cool as it did last year, then you might have an issue. One culprit could be the drain or even the evaporator coil. It could also indicate other issues and needed repairs. Avoid a potential flood from a clogged drain. Trust a professional to take a look and fix any issues before they become problems.

Not as efficient

Build ups within air conditioning systems overtime is unavoidable, and not taking the time to clear them out can cause issues. Clogged filters and other problems can put a strain on your unit and cause it to work harder which means a bigger power bill. If you have noticed an increase in the cost of using your unit, dirt inside could be the cause. Any small issues diminishing your energy efficiency are worth repairing. Avoid your unit working less efficiently by having a regular inspection done.

Air Conditioning in Calgary

Super Star Plumbing is ready to help with your plumbing air, gasfitting, and HVAC needs. These trusted experts make sure your issues are dealt with properly and efficiently when it comes to unit maintenance. Regular maintenance can help your system last longer and avoid expensive repair bills. Avoid system failures by contacting the professionals today.

Book your maintenance with Super Star Plumbing today.

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