Rejuvenate Your Worn Out Stucco

There are many benefits to having stucco. It is generally low maintenance, looks great, is naturally resistant to fire, a good insulator and can have a lasting durability. Unfortunately, stucco can start to look dirty, get stained, cracked and worn out over many years. Instead of having a complete stucco replacement, consider having CHIC liquid vinyl installed by a stucco contractor.

What is CHIC Liquid Vinyl?

The CHIC Liquid Vinyl System is not paint. It is a high viscosity liquid resin applied coating that is specifically developed for stucco, masonry and well-prepared metal and wood surfaces. The CHIC Liquid Vinyl System bonds high-strength polymers together, giving your home’s exterior superior strength, weather resistance, durability and a beautiful finish that will last for years to come.

It has a low odor, is environmentally friendly and has proven to out perform conventional paint and coatings. Contractors can use the best technology available to install the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System, use no PVAs, ceramic fillers or potentially harmful PVCs in their products.

How low maintenance is CHIC Liquid Vinyl?

CHIC Liquid Vinyl can withstand the test of time in all climates and in the harshest weather and has an A1 fire rating. It just might be the last finish you ever give your stone or stucco home. This is because it leaves a non-porous, smooth finish that is resistant to dirt, so it stays cleaner longer. Because the dirt can’t stick to it, it is also easier to clean. Learn how to pressure wash your house.

Masonry and stucco without this finish can look dirty and get easily stained because debris, dirt and staining elements can get stuck in the little pores and grooves. Regular paint is thin and porous, provides a less protective coating for your home and will need to be done more regularly.

As a manufacturer, CHIC Liquid Vinyl also provides a lifetime warranty on the product. In the rare occasion that there is an issue, you can rest at ease knowing it is backed by warranty.

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