Renewable Energy Is Now More Affordable!

Have you been thinking about using solar energy to power your home? Now is a great time for Albertans to install this green home improvement! Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) has just opened their Residential and Commercial Solar Program. This $36-million program offers rebates on rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) unites on residential and commercial buildings installed after April 15, 2017. Learn what rebates are available here.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this renewable energy program:

1. Do your research. Learn more about solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and EEA’s Solar Program.

2. Select a solar contractor. RenovationFind has contractors in their directory (Kuby Renewable Energy and Affordable Green Sun Solar in Edmonton) that are both RenovationFind Certified AND eligible solar power contractors that are participating in the program.

3. Install the solar system. Your solar contractor will take care of obtaining permits and approvals, system installation, meter installation and grid connection.

4. Apply for your rebate. When your system is energized, apply for a rebate through Energy Efficiency Alberta.

You can learn more about the application process here.

Illustration from EEA

Illustration from EEA

Is solar energy right for your home?

Even in our cold winters, Alberta has some of the best access to sunshine in Canada. Because of our big blue skies, we have incredible solar resource potential! Still, to get the full benefit of solar panels, your home has to have sufficient sun exposure. EEA gives some things to consider prior to purchasing a solar systems and applying for their solar program:

Southern exposure: In Alberta, the sun is always in the south. Having your solar panels face true south, without any obstructions, it the way to get the most out of the sun’s energy.

Optimal tilt: You will have to be able to tilt your solar modules to approximate degree of latitude depending on where you live. Participating solar companies in Edmonton can help you determine your optimal tilt.

Free of obstructions: If your roof is blocked by trees, office towers or other buildings, you might not have sufficient solar exposure.

Visit for more information on incentives for adding a solar PV system to your home or organization.

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