Renewing Your Stucco Siding

Stucco cladding is and has been very popular throughout Western Canada. There are many different types of stucco including synthetic stucco, one-coat and three-coat stucco, insulation and finish systems (EIFS) and of course, the good old-fashioned bottle dash or crushed bottle stucco. Among these types of stucco there are also many variations when it comes to textures, designs and finishes.

Home builders have used stucco for many good reasons. It is a good insulator for both warm and cool temperatures and allows home owners to easily maintain a constant temperature inside the home. Stucco can also have a very aesthetically pleasing finish and can add to the exterior design of your home.

Unfortunately, overtime the weather can take its toll on your stucco siding. Temperature fluctuations throughout the winter and summer months can cause your stucco siding to expand and contract. This can cause visible hairline cracks and other damage. Over the years dirt and debris can get stuck in its pores, resulting in a worn out and tired-looking home exterior.

Make your stucco siding look like new again!

Painting contractors can make your stucco siding look like it was just newly-installed. Using a flexible, elastomeric coating that is fifteen times thicker than regular latex paint, they can renew your home’s exterior stucco while filling in those unsightly hairline cracks and imperfections. This special coating will wrap your home in a water-repellent seal that will lock out moisture while its flexibility and breathability will help prevent cracking from happening again in the future.

Not only will this coating revive the aesthetics of your stucco home, it will also create a barrier that locks out stains, mold and mildew and will keep your stucco and your home looking fresh and new throughout every season. You will pay a fraction of the cost of a complete stucco replacement with this efficient and attractive home renovation.

The process of painting stucco siding.

Before the coating is applied to your stucco siding, painters will lightly pressure wash your home’s exterior using a paint preparation solution to remove any dirt, debris, mold and/or mildew from the surface.

Then an elastomeric caulking filler will be applied to seal all hairline cracks that are too large to be filled by the coating itself. The same pattern of your stucco siding will be replicated in order to completely hide the repair.

After masking the surrounding surfaces including the roof, windows, doors, patio and patio furniture, the painters will paint your stucco siding using their flexible, elastomeric coating. Once it is dry, all the masking will be removed and new colour-matching caulking will be applied where necessary to finish the look.

Once the job is done, a final clean up will be done so that your property will look as clean as it did before the crew arrived. Your home will be completely renewed in a matter of days. In fact, most projects can be completed in just one day.

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