Renovate to make your basement more comfortable

Investing in a basement remodel has many benefits. You can nearly double your home’s living space and how you choose to design your basement is entirely up to you and your specific needs. Whether you want to add a few new bedrooms for a growing family, build a home theatre, add a comfortable family room or put in a secondary suite for rental income, Fox Pro Construction in Edmonton can help.

One common complaint for a basement, even a newly renovated one, is that it’s not as comfortable as the main floor rooms in the house. Basements have a reputation for being cold, dark and feeling closed-in. Fox Pro Construction shares some great ideas for improving the comfort of your basement:

Increase the window sizes.

In older homes, most basements have those small rectangular windows that let in very little natural light. Upgrading your small basement windows to larger, egress windows with big, open window wells will allow more natural light come into the space. They will be a safer emergency exits too, in the case of a fire. Having a larger window cut into the space will also break up the wall, reducing that closed-in feeling.

Install an insulated sub-floor.

If you’re putting new flooring in the basement as part of your overall renovation, ask about installing an insulated sub-floor. This will create a moisture barrier between the cold concrete floor, keeping them dry and feeling warmer. It will also be more comfortable, providing a cushion under your feet.

In-floor heating.

If you are planning on installing tile in your basement bathroom, consider installing electric in-floor heating. This will provide warmth for the entire room but be especially warm and cozy to walk on. This is especially nice after stepping out of the bath or shower.

Design with comfort in mind.

Things like wall colour, lighting and other finishing materials can play a big role in how your basement looks and feels. Choose light colours for your walls in the basement to help lighten and open up the space. If you want some darker, bold colours, add them with accents like décor and window treatments. Ask Fox Pro Construction about good lighting options for your basement renovation, as this can make a big difference. Read these 10 tips for making your basement feel bright.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Fox Pro Construction has a wealth of knowledge in the home construction industry. With over 20 years of combined experience, they bring insight and creative techniques to help save money on your project while helping you realize your home renovation dreams.

Want a more comfortable basement? Contact Fox Pro Construction!


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