Renovating your Priority List with Bryan Baeumler

Some days you walk through your house and dream of changing every room.

“I wish I could replace that old tub,” you say, but it doesn’t end there.

“These floors are worn out, the windows are drafty, the walls are peppered with dings and dents, and we could sure use a finished basement…wait a minute, is the roof leaking!?”

When it comes to tackling home repair or major renovation projects it could feel a little overwhelming. Some of it you can do yourself and some is way out of your league (and budget). You don’t want to become the next homeowner on Disaster DIY, but could sure use the help of professionals like the popular renovation show’s host Bryan Baeumler. BryanBaeumler_200

You’re in luck! Bryan Baeumler, Gemini-award winning host of HGTV’s Distaster DIY, House of Bryan and Leave It To Bryan will be at the Edmonton Home Show this weekend. This veteran contractor is a natural born teacher and will be giving an educational session for homeowners eager to start tackling their projects.

Check out his presentation Renovating Your Priority List at the show as he walks you through a renovation priority list and gives you tips and tricks to get the most out of your home. While you’re there, don’t forget to drop by the RenovationFind booth and say hello!

In the meantime, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get started on that long list.

Prioritizing Your Renovation Projects

Access the situation

Walk around your house and decide what absolutely NEEDS to be done. If your roof is leaking – that needs to be done first, over anything cosmetic like new paint or furniture. Make two lists: a list of things that must get repaired or cause further damage to your home and a wish list of things you would like to get done.   To help you create that list look at each potential project and ask “is it broken or do I just dislike the way it looks?” Replacing a hot water heater that is on the brink of causing a flood in your basement is more important than replacing your ugly, but still functional, bathroom countertop.

Look at your list and determine which of the must-dos you can do yourself and which require professional help.

Create a budget

Your budget is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, to consider before checking those projects off of your list. After you’ve decided which jobs must be done, start figuring out how much those will cost before moving on to your dream-list. Do your homework, make price lists of items that you’ll need to buy and then add 20% to it for unexpected costs. Take your time, talk to friends who have done it, look at your options and compare costs. If you are hiring a contractor get a few quotes. Once the contractor has begun working check in regularly to make sure you’re still on track.

Be realistic with your budget. If you can’t afford stone floors you can’t afford stone floors. You can put it in your budget to start saving for those floors and do your renovation in stages. You also need to consider your existing home as it might cause limitations.

Rejuvenate your favourite room

Once you’ve determined the projects that must receive attention first and how you are going to pay for them, you can start with projects that will most benefit your daily life. If you spend the most time in the living room, perhaps you should start there to increase the enjoyment of the room. If there is something you hate, you could start fixing that or complete a project that will benefit how your family functions in the home. You should never walk into a room with a feeling of loathing, but be careful not to start adding these things to your must-do list, if they don’t belong there.

Invest in Resale Value

The cost vs resale value is something you should consider when renovating. If you would like to increase the value of your property, or are planning to sell your home, there are some projects (in no particular order) that should be completed first.

  • Structural repairs: Home buyers will flee if the inspection shows that foundation or other structural repairs are required. Plus, these repairs should be on your must-do list.
  • Roofing, siding, windows and doors: The first things a buyer will see if the exterior of your home. It is also the first part of your home that undergoes inspection. New shingles, undamaged siding, and energy efficient windows and doors attract home buyers. Plus, they’ll increase efficiency in your home and have a high cost recovery rate. In fact, a brand new entry door has a 96.6% cost recovery rate and you’ll recoup about 78% on vinyl window and siding replacements, according to the Remodelings Cost vs. Value report.
  • Kitchen upgrade: Kitchen renovations have one of the highest cost recoup rate. According to the reports, even a minor kitchen remodel will recover 82.7% of your cost. The kitchen is a room that requires the most functionality, so you’ll get a lot of personal enjoyment from that renovation. It is also one of the first thing home buyers look at when considering a home for purchase.
  • Basement remodel or finishing the basement: Finished basements provide extra common living space, perhaps an extra bedroom or bathroom, and more storage. Having a finished basement is a huge perk to have for your family and when selling your home. A basement remodel can recoup up to 77.6% of your cost, according the Remodeling report.

Join RenovationFind at the Edmonton Renovation Show!

The Edmonton Renovation Show is on this weekend, January 27-29th at the Edmonton Expo Centre. During these three days you’ll have the opportunity to check out new products, services and industry leaders in home construction and renovation. There will be plenty of presentations providing practical and innovative information you can use plus plenty of tried-and-true advice, tips and tricks for any renovation projects or if you are just looking to do a basement renovations in Edmonton .



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