Renovation ideas and trends for 2021

Homeowners have spent more time at home in the last year than they ever thought they would. As a result, home improvements and renovations have been on the top of people’s minds. Improving their living spaces, indoor and out, is valuable and life-enhancing – perhaps now more than ever.

AMMCAD Development Services in Vancouver offers major renovation services. They share some renovation ideas and trends for 2021.

Renovate to bring new function to rooms in the house

Homeowners are looking for ways to utilize those spaces better to make life at home more comfortable and enjoyable. For example, you could turn the standard family room into a space for entertaining. Consider a home theatre system, built-in shelving for storage and display. A cozy fireplace with a stone hearth and wood mantle will make a fine addition. You can even change the layout to open up the family room to the dining room and kitchen.

Basements bring a wide range of opportunities. From building recreational rooms, home entertainment centres, home fitness areas, and unique playrooms for the kids – be creative and think of ways to improve your families’ enjoyment of the home.

Creating spaces for working and learning

If you’ve been working from home from the kitchen table, this year is the time to build a proper home office. It could be in an existing bedroom you aren’t using, or a contractor can help you with layout changes or even a home addition. You need a functional space for getting work done. That means windows for natural lighting and fresh air, good storage, and maybe improving sound insulation from other areas of the house to reduce distractions.

For students learning and studying from home, your home renovation could include a space to do that. It might be in the basement, a spare bedroom, or a bonus room. Connect with AMMCAD Development Services to start making a plan.

Investing in a secondary suite

Utilizing secondary suites has been a popular way to earn income and cover expenses. However, with the pandemic, more homeowners are looking for a way to be together with family. Using secondary suites to house a multi-generational or extended family will become more prevalent in 2021.

Not only will this provide comfortable dwellings for your family, but it will also increase your property value. In the future, savvy investors and homebuyers will be attracted to the financial gains a secondary suite provides a property. Learn more about building secondary suites in Vancouver.

Major Renovations in Vancouver

AMMCAD believes building with pride and integrity will establish the trust necessary to complete all projects to their client and their satisfaction. They only use reputable, qualified sub-trades and suppliers with proven track records. They’ll always involve you in the decision-making process to ensure you’re the project realizes your vision. Transparency, quality work, exceptional service, and a good renovation experience are all things you’ll get when working with AMMCAD.

Start planning your renovation. Contact them today!

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