Renovation ideas to transform your basement  

Basements can be large spaces with plenty of potentials. With the right renovations, you can turn your basement into a multi-use area that will benefit your home for years. Basements have plenty of possibilities, whether you need more space, extra rooms, or a place to play. 

Macam Living in Ottawa is a home renovation company. They share some renovation ideas to transform your basement. 

Add a bathroom 

The first thing to plan and add to your basement is a bathroom! No matter how you plan to use the space in every basement, a bathroom addition is a must. With bathrooms, they can also be designed in several different options. A full bathroom is ideal if there are bedrooms downstairs. Partial or powder bathrooms are a smaller option if you have a second living room or media space in the basement. It’s convenient for bathroom runs, but you don’t need a shower or tub.

Renovate the whole basement

When tackling a basement, it can feel daunting, given how many possibilities there are. Will you build a home gym? Design a home theatre or turn it into a basement suite? If you aren’t sure where to start, a general, whole basement renovation is a great start. Setting up the foundation for your basement will make it easier to specify the space later.

First, start with lighting; recessed lights are the best option for basements as they don’t take up visual space. Painting the walls a bright colour help brighten the room up and keep it from feeling dark and gloomy. Proper storage is another critical element to include and one that will benefit any future use. Finally, consider installing a fireplace or heated flooring to add ambience and comfort.

Build a deck and patio

If your basement has the option to become a walk-out, make the most of that chance and transform the space. A walk-out is a great way to connect the outdoors to the indoors and add a unique appeal. A walk-out basement is also the perfect home entertainment space where you can wow friends or family.

Consider adding a deck on the upper level. A second-story deck creates the perfect nook beneath it where it can connect to your basement. Then convert that lower level space into a patio space with seating or an outdoor BBQ. Between the deck, lower patio and walk-out, you get several new seating, entertaining, and functional outdoor living areas to enjoy.

Basement Renovations in Ottawa

Macam Living’s team works closely with clients from ideation to implementation to bring your vision to reality. With their expertise and attention to detail, your home will be transformed into a true dream space. You know who to trust for bathroom renovations, basement renovations, building decks, and more.

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